Politicians may be looking to adopt mobile technology to reach out to voters during election year

QR Codes Used in Political Campaigns

This is an election year and that means that campaign signs are beginning to show up in the yards of voters. One of the most common mistakes made by presidential candidates when they work to create these small, yet eye-catching signs is adding too much information. Given the fact that candidates represent a great many ideologies, it can be difficult to get an appropriate message across to voters in this way. Most candidates simply show off their name – NEWT2012 –, but this does not even begin to scratch the…

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QR codes play their part in politics

Politicians are readying themselves for the upcoming presidential campaign season. A number of contenders have emerged from both the Democrat and Republican political parties, and many are eager to hear how these presidential-hopefuls plan to bring change to the government. The 2008 presidential campaign was well known for its heavy-handed use of social media. Social media is playing an increasingly vital role in the political realm. Indeed, more politicians than ever are making use of Facebook and Twitter. While their Internet presence can often be used against them, politicians are…

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