Small business growth is still driven by mobile commerce and marketing

Mobile ads study Marketing app downloads

Entrepreneurs examining accomplishments over the last year find that smartphones and tablets stand out. As the last year’s developments and progress are recognized for National Small Business Month, which falls in May 2012, this most important economic sector in the United States is acknowledging the importance of mobile devices in driving their growth. This was supported by the publication of the most recent Small Business Mobile Survey by Group Inc., which examined the growth of this sector and the resources and tools that are central to its successes. The…

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AT&T study results show that small businesses are using more mobile

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

The results of a recent survey by premier communications holding company, AT&T, called the “Small Business Technology Poll” have just been released, and they show that small businesses are continuing to use an increasing amount of the latest wireless technologies, such as 4G devices, tablet computers, and GPS navigation mobile apps. Within the poll, it was also discovered that 96 percent of small businesses are using wireless technologies as a part of their regular operations, and almost two out of every three of those businesses (63 percent) said that it…

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Mobify helps smaller businesses to make an online presence

Many small businesses are seeing the growth that mobile commerce has experienced over 2011, particularly during the holiday shopping season, and are wondering whether or not it is appropriate for them to market through these channels. According to Mobify’s CEO, Igor Faletski, there is no single answer, but there are ways to make the right decision. To start, Faletski says that a business must find out how much of its regular website traffic is coming from a smartphone or tablet device. This isn’t difficult information to obtain, as most quality…

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Codee Software announces the release of its QR code product business edition

Small Business Mobile ad success marketing

Codee Software Inc. has announced that it has launched its first business product, which is called the Codee Business Edition and will help small and medium size companies to manage their QR code campaigns. The complete package includes the generation of QR codes, as well as analytics for their scans, and the management of mobile content of 10 unique barcodes. Moreover, it includes an unlimited number of monthly QR code scans. The product is aimed at companies that are hoping to take part in the m-commerce marketplace, which is currently…

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Google spots important weakness in m-commerce

Mobile Commerce

While m-commerce is still taking hold of a growing portion of the shopping market for the holiday season, the majority of the top advertisers on Google have damaged their opportunities for maximizing the potential of the trend by failing to offer a mobile optimized website. This, regardless of the fact that research from Google itself has demonstrated that the amount of interaction between consumers and businesses by way of mobile increased by almost three times between 2009 and 2011, and that this number continues to rise. In fact, 79 percent…

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