Sotheby’s launches new QR code campaign for their high-profile properties

Sotheby's International New York Office

QR codes have been popular amongst realtors. In fact, it was small realty companies that first began using the codes in the U.S. Since then, the codes have spread and become a must-have for companies seeking to edge out their place in the burgeoning mobile marketing empire. Big-name realtors have been slow to adopt the barcodes, with many taking their time to analyze the performance of the codes rather than jump in to the deep end of the marketing pool. Sotheby’s International has just launched a new campaign using QR…

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Real estate mobile marketing service claims they got it right!

QR Code Statistics

Realtors had taken a strong liking to QR codes even before they became popular in the U.S. Seemingly bewitched by the codes mystique and market synergy, many incorporated QR codes into their marketing efforts without first researching how to use them to their full potential. Thus was born an array of poorly executed and ill-optimized mobile marketing campaigns that prevailed around the country. These problems did not persist long, however, and realtors have not shunned the codes, looking for better ways to utilize them. Virtual tour providers were among the…

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Home sweet home with QR Code service

Smarter Agent, a developer of mobile applications for the real estate industry and consumers, has acquired, a mobile tagging and property tour startup. offers listing and website hosting services. Realtors are able to upload an unlimited number of photos and showcase virtual tours. These features can also be shared via Facebook and Twitter. Realtors making use of the service will link to their websites using QR codes, which they have dubbed “toors.” The codes will be emblazoned on the agents’ marketing materials. “Every real estate yard sign should…

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