M-commerce spiked by 38 percent over the summer holidays

M-commerce growth

Credit for this phenomenal increase is being given to iPad. Now that the summer holidays have come to a close, and students are back in the classrooms, companies and analysts are looking back over the m-commerce shopping that was done throughout the summertime, and have recorded an average increase of 38 percent over smartphones and tablets. This, according to the dealnews online bargain website’s data. Examples of these successes include the surge of m-commerce traffic on Independence Day, this year, when approximately 22 percent of all of the traffic seen…

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This holiday season will include QR codes

QR code

Though marketers are still discovering how to take advantage of everything that QR codes have to offer, it has become clear that there is a great deal of value that can be obtained from their use, and that they will be an integral part of the holiday marketing season. Mobile marketers have shown that this technique has moved well beyond a fad and is a solid marketing trend, which creative minds are applying in useful and innovative new ways. What they have found is that when used properly, the opportunity…

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