Mobile marketing will have created 1.4 million jobs by 2015

Mobile Marketing jobs and employment

The results of a new study are showing that this will be an area of considerable employment growth. The results of a new mobile marketing study have shown that spending in this area now accounts for $139 billion and that by the year 2015, this will rise to reach an estimated $400 billion. The result will be considerable in employment, as well, as it will require the work of 1.4 million people. As consumers continue to use their smartphones and tablets on an increasing basis in order to complete their…

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Mobile commerce industry demanding marketers more than any other employee

Mobile Marketing Jobs

Mobile marketers in high demand causes many to rethink their occupation. According to Propel London data, in the mobile commerce industry, marketers with an expertise for targeting these device users are now the highest in demand employees. Propel London is a digital recruitment agency and its most recent “Digital Salary Insights” report has indicated that the U.K. job postings for mobile marketers have increased from only 10 vacancies in 2009 to more than 150 listed in 2011. At the same time the job openings for social marketing over mobile devices…

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Mobile marketing is undergoing an employment boom

Mobile Marketing

Thinking about a career change into mobile marketing? Now might be the time! According to WANTED Analytics – the top source for talent marketplace real-time business intelligence – since the beginning of the year, there have been more than 6,000 job postings listed online for mobile marketers in the United States alone. As both MMS and SMS have grown, as have the number of mobile game and app downloads. The use of the mobile internet has also skyrocketed. Businesses have not failed to notice this trend, and they are now…

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