Making the choice between a mobile app or mobile website

Mobile Website vs Mobile App

A new study has shown that in the creation of mobile websites and mobile applications, the two main priorities that should be maintained by government agencies are a defined goal and the development of a unique mobile user experience. The report was entitled the Mobile Development Guidelines for Government Agencies and it offered an analysis tool and a number of best practices to help a government agency to decide whether it would be best served by a mobile website or a mobile app. Moreover, it provided an evaluation of 30…

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Upcoming Google mobile marketing trends


Google has announced three new important upgrades to its mobile marketing offerings, reflecting the direction of current and future mobile trends toward being shopper- and local-friendly. Among these new adjustments is a feature that will help mobile device users to access landing pages for businesses much more quickly. The new mobile app extensions service is currently still in their beta form, but it permits companies to continue to use Google search ads to build their branded app download numbers, or to send a user directly to their company landing page…

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