NFC technology lets Android users collect Greggs loyalty rewards

NFC Technology mobile payments

The company’s app gives its users the chance to tap their smartphones at the point of sale for rewards. Greggs, a very popular bakery in the United Kingdom, has now updated its mobile app to function with the NFC technology in certain Android smartphones so that customers can collect and redeem loyalty rewards at the checkout counter. This mobile app update makes it possible for the entire process to take no longer than a tap at the checkout counter. In order to make this happen, Greggs chose to use NFC…

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Mobile payments and loyalty program launched by New York Fries

New York Fries mobile payments

The chain will be bringing this option to its 200 various locations and will link it to its Fry Society program. New York Fries, a chain of quick service restaurants that has approximately two hundred locations has recently announced that it is launching a mobile payments, loyalty and rewards app that will also involve a gifting program that it has called the Fry Society. The fast food chain specializes in selling fresh cut French fries, as well as poutine and other fry combinations. The mobile payments program has been created…

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Mobile payments service launched by Sionic for national retailers

mobile payments technology

The system has been compared to what is currently available at Starbucks for purchase transactions and loyalty rewards. Sionic has just announced that its Sionic Ion Rewards app will now allow consumers to be able to make mobile payments for purchases in a way that is comparable to the successful method used by Starbucks. The massive coffee chain uses its smartphone app and prepaid cards to allow consumers to buy. The café’s shops receive approximately 3 million mobile payments every week, according to its own statistics. It has predicted that…

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Understanding mobile loyalty platforms that are non-transactional

Mobile Commerce

A mobile non-transactional loyalty platform is the type that allows a smartphone customer to receive a reward for various types of behaviors such as mobile “check-ins”, and they come with both benefits and drawbacks. The primary drawback to loyalty platforms that are non-transactional is that when a reward is offered to the consumer, and that reward has true cost and value, there is no way to track whether or not that consumer will go on to make a purchase and, if a purchase is made, there is no way to…

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Qrickit wants to pay consumers to scan QR codes

QR Code Marketing

QR codes have become very common in print advertisements. Despite this, consumers have shied away from scanning the codes. Some simply do not understand how the codes work, but the majority does not see any gain in scanning them. Mobile marketers and companies using the codes have struggled to find a way to entice consumers into scanning the codes, but the reality seems to be that consumers will not do so if they will not get something in return. Thus, Qrickit, a marketing and management firm based in Canada, has…

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