Is a lack of mobile phone hygiene spreading more viruses in hospitals?

hospital mobile phone hygiene

A recent survey showed evidence that diseases were being carried around on smartphones. Mobile phone hygiene has become an important topic in hospitals. One of the reasons for this includes the disturbing results of a recent study in France. The research found that smartphones used by hospital staff were transporting viruses. Some of these viruses are known to cause lung infections, stomach upsets and other health problems. This discovery has heightened concerns over mobile phone hygiene in hospital wards. Hospitals are an especially bad place for viruses to travel as…

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HIV infected children can benefit from mobile technology

mobile technology mhealth program Africa

A new program has been designed to use mobile devices to be able to bring hope to these patients. Global HIV specialist company, VIIV Healthcare, has now made an announcement in conjunction with its global partners with regards to the launch of a new program using mobile technology to assist children who have been infected. The program in Lesotho is called “Mobilizing HIV Identification and Treatment” (MHIT). Among the partners in this mobile technology project are the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Vodafone Foundation, ELMA Philantrhopies as well as the American…

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Tablets, television and music make people less lonely

wearable technology man outside sun tablets

Researchers from the University of York have found that these outlets trigger happy memories. According to the results of recent research that have been published in a significant report, tablets, television and music can all provide people who spend a lot of time on their own with a “comforting friendly face”, particularly among those who are isolated as a result of disability or illness or who are recently bereaved. The WaveLength charity worked with the University of York in researching these ways to alleviate loneliness. The research found that “artificial…

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Mobile health study launched by Nestlé and Medidata partnership

Nestle QR codes mobile health

The goal of the research is to determine the impact of fitness and nutrition on healthy aging adults. Global leader in cloud-based solutions for life sciences clinical research, Medidata, has now partnered with Nestlé in order to be able to conduct a large scale mobile health clinical trial on the healthy aging population. Nestlé will be using the Medidata cloud technology platform and unified mhealth solutions to conduct its research. The mobile health research is being held in China and will be conducted over a period of two years as…

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Mobile health tech is helping Malawi in the battle with meningitis

mobile health Augmented Reality Health Industry

The country is using the increasing adoption of smartphones to help to combat the disease among its population. Malawi has found it challenging to keep up with the diagnosis and treatment of meningitis among the children who live there, but the hope is that a new mobile health program will become a key tool in combating this disease. As smartphone penetration is rapidly increasing, a number of opportunities have opened in health care. A new project called Action Meningitis has now been launched by reps from Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust,…

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