Mobile health technology offers SIDS protection to newborns

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A recent study showed smartphone tech can assist parents in sudden infant death syndrome prevention. Researchers at the University of Virginia, Yale University and Boston University have determined that mobile health technology may help parents save their newborns’ lives. The researchers conducted a study using mobile tech to support parents in preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep related death risks in their babies. The mhealth technology used only the most basic mobile phone functions to help educate parents. Participants in the study received texts from hospitals to…

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Mobile health tech is helping Malawi in the battle with meningitis

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The country is using the increasing adoption of smartphones to help to combat the disease among its population. Malawi has found it challenging to keep up with the diagnosis and treatment of meningitis among the children who live there, but the hope is that a new mobile health program will become a key tool in combating this disease. As smartphone penetration is rapidly increasing, a number of opportunities have opened in health care. A new project called Action Meningitis has now been launched by reps from Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust,…

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Mobile health initiative raises funds through recycled phones

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The used devices have been used to build up money to support programs in 20 countries worldwide. A nonprofit organization called Hope Phones, which operates mobile health programs in twenty countries around the world has started a cell phone recycling program that is helping the group to be able to generate funds to continue their humanitarian work. The program is designed to not only provide money for a worthy cause, but also reduce cell phone waste. The Hope Phones organization was created to help to support the mobile health efforts…

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Mobile health helps with maternal health and early child care in Tanzania

The program’s first year has now successfully been completed and the text messages will continue. The mobile health program that is designed to help pregnant women, and new mothers called the mHealth Tanzania Partnership has now completed its first year and the team behind it feels that it has been an extremely successful launch. The program has already drawn over 300,000 registrants in Tanzania and has been providing effective assistance. The technology behind the program is quite simple, as it offers text messaging that is meant to support and inform…

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Mhealth system from NZ to trial in Thailand

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The Vibhavadi Hospital is about to pilot a program to test its effectiveness for its employees and patients. A recent announcement has just revealed that the mHealth +3 platform from Vensa Health will now be tested by the Vibhavadi Hospital in Bangkok as a part of a trial of the New Zealand company’s system which is supposed to be able to generate millions in annual savings through the considerable reduction in missed appointments. Patients will be able to use text messages in order to confirm appointments, making sure that there…

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