Mhealth startups win prizes of $100,000 from InvestMaryland challenge

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The three finalists in this competition have now received their cash rewards for their work in this field. It has recently been announced that the three startup finalists in the InvestMaryland challenge have received their prizes for $100,000 for the work that they have done in order to improve electronic health records (EHRs), to bring mhealth to developing countries around the globe, and for their work in assisting providers with the diagnosis of concussions in athletes through the use of a new form of sports helmet. The InvestMaryland challenge involved…

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Mhealth tools can help patients to locate the best doctors

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Locating the right physician or specialist can be challenging, but improve search tools are available on smartphones. A new mhealth service has now been launched that is designed to help patients to be able to more quickly and easily search for the right doctors for their unique needs, expectations, conditions and locations. This is meant to help patients to overcome one of the largest struggles in obtaining proper health care. The problem of locating the right doctor is hard enough for the average person, but patients who have complex or…

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