Mobile health care grows as technology meets the Affordable Care Act

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Electronics firms now believe that mhealth will be openly embraced by Obamacare. Consumers aren’t the only ones who appear to be looking at the various mobile health care options that are becoming available in the form of wearable technology, such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, apps, and other biometrics collectors. Companies behind these gadgets now believe that the Affordable Care Act will adore mhealth. Through the popularity of mhealth devices, alone, it is becoming clear that people are interested in what mobile health care has to offer. Wristbands, dongles, clips, stickers,…

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Mhealth will play a central role in boosting European healthcare

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The rollout of the new mobile healthcare technology across the countries of the EU could save billions. According to a new GSMA report, a by the year 2017, the newly rolled out mhealth technology throughout the European Union could reduce healthcare costs by as much as €99 billion. This mobile tech stakeholder group produced the findings along with PwC. Savings of this level from mhealth will be exceptionally and increasingly important as populations continue to rise and to age among the E.U. countries, and as the number of people suffering…

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Mhealth project to provide assistance to regions of New Zealand

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The people of Otago and Southland will soon be benefitting from this new initiative in their areas. A new initiative using mhealth technology has been designed to provide assistance across the regions of Otago and Southland in order to better bring together General Practice and the patients for whom they are providing care. The new system is meant to provide a number of services directly to the patient in order to ensure better care. Southern PHO, with Southern DHB’s support, has contracted a company named Vensa health in order to…

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