Kenya to use mhealth to boost healthcare

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Margaret Kenyatta, the first lady of the country, has rolled out the Sema-Doc Tele-Medicine Healthcare Solution. The first lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta, has now officially launched an mhealth program called the Sema-Doc Tele-Medicine Healthcare Solution, which is centered around a mobile app that has been designed to boost the accessibility of healthcare throughout the country. The point of this mobile app is to provide a direct connection between patients and healthcare providers. The east African country has been making a concerted effort to improve its healthcare availability, and access…

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Mobile health apps attempt to compete in the light therapy industry

Red light therapy rosacea acne mobile health app

LED treatments of various skin conditions have become hot sellers, but can a smartphone offer treatment? For half a decade, the mobile health category has started to try to tap into the success of LED light therapy that is being increasingly used in alternative and conventional medicine, alike, for the treatment of common skin conditions ranging from acne to psoriasis, premature aging, and rosacea. What has been unclear is whether or not a smartphone app can offer the same treatment as a specialized light. Mobile health apps have become wildly…

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Mobile health tech drops readmission numbers at hospitals

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The results of a new study have shown that mhealth can help patients to adhere to their prescriptions and therapies. Recent research will have its details presented on May 7 at the 2015 Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit, and will show that mobile health tools could help patients to be able to better stick to the use of the medications that they have been prescribed and the to the therapies that have been recommended for them. This means that mhealth tools could potentially help to correct one of the most vital…

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Mhealth app for head injury diagnosis receives nod from FDA

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has now given clearance to this mobile application for traumatic brain injury identification. The FDA has now given clearance to an mhealth app called the Defense Automated Neurobehavioral Assessment, which is a smartphone based application that is meant to offer medical providers with assistance in identifying situations in which traumatic brain injury may be present. The mobile health app can be used in virtually any setting and could help in making a diagnosis very quickly. As little as five minutes could be needed in…

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Mobile marketing success by Dr. Oz

dr oz mhealth app askmd

The television physician of Oprah and daytime talk TV fame is now seeing achievements in mhealth apps. While the ins and outs of mobile marketing have continue to perplex many people, Dr. Oz seems to have found his groove as he is now achieving considerable mhealth success with the apps produced by a company that has only recently been created. The AskMD application has already won the Best Medical App prize at the 4th Annual Appy Awards. The mobile app was based on an online health and wellness engagement platform…

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