Mobile Gaming: A Comeback Story in 2012

Mobile Gaming Industry

If 2012 is any indication, mobile gaming is skyrocketing in popularity. Mobile-gaming analytics companies and game makers are experiencing increased profits and popularity — as long as consumers continue to use websites like iWin to download games and purchase game apps at record numbers, mobile and social gaming will continue to rise. A Swrving Upward Incline for 2012 Mobile Gaming Swrve serves an essential function in the mobile-gaming industry. The mobile- and social-apps analytics firm analyzes data of more than 5 million players per day. Swrve’s service is vital for…

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Wii U will not support NFC at launch

Nintendo’s Wii U

NFC games for Wii U delayed NFC technology is all the rage in the field of mobile commerce. The technology makes it possible for any mobile device equipped with a simple chip to facilitate mobile transactions. Indeed, NFC has become the cornerstone of that particular industry, but its uses extend well beyond mobile commerce. The technology has received a fair amount of attention and use in the marketing industry and has been acclaimed for its potential in the realm of wireless data transfer. The game industry is showing growing interest…

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Mobile gaming industry beginning to tap into crowd source techniques

mobile social networking

It has been found to boost the speed of user acquisition through friend referrals. Though the national economy is repeatedly kicking the pins out of virtually every other sector, the mobile gaming industry is holding strong, having generated a massive $5 billion last year in revenues, and is expected to reach a tremendous $16 million in 4 years from now. Though there are incredible potential profits in this area, the individual developers and publishers are still faced with a number of hurdles that must be overcome in order to obtain…

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The number of mobile gamers in the United States has broken the 100 million mark

mobile gaming

Newzoo, an international market research firm, has released a new report that is drawing attention to the rapidly growing popularity of gaming over mobile devices. It was entitled “Mobile Games Trend Report”, and it showed that the number of people in the United States who use their smartphone, tablet computer, or iPod Touch mobile devices for playing video games is now greater than 100 million. What Newzoo found was that among the American gamers who played on their mobile devices, 69 percent used their smartphones, while 21 percent were using…

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PaymentOne and Live Gamer work together to bring growth to global options for mobile payment


Live Gamer, the first combined advertising and digital commerce platform for the interactive entertainment sector in the world, and PaymentOne, a leader in mobile payments worldwide, have announced that they will be working together to grow the international options for mobile payment. The AnyPhone platform by PaymentOne provides end users with an easy solution for using their mobile phones to make in-game purchases. The partnership is designed to allow PaymentOne to offer integrated payment services within the platform at Live Gamer, so that AnyPhone will be available to the significant…

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