Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day event is luring players with romance

Pokémon Go Valentine’s Image of Heart

Players will see a dramatic increase in the duration of the lures as they’ll last up to six hours. A Pokémon Go Valentine’s event is under way and it will keep running until February 15. In the theme of love and romance, it will be allowing lures to last for up to six hours instead of the typical half hour limit. The Pokémon Go app still has a large number of dedicated players and the event might bring back more. This new Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day event will mean that…

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Tim Hortons augmented reality game released

Tim Hortons augmented reality game

The new mobile app is available for players using both Android and iOS based devices. Tim Hortons, the coffee chain out of Canada, has now released a new augmented reality game experience. This mobile app was launched in conjunction with its branded NHL trading card promotion. This brings two beloved Canadian brands into a single AR experience. This is the second time Tim Hortons has released the NHL trading cards, but the first with AR. This year, the company has released the Tim Hortons Augmented Reality Hockey Cards app. The…

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A mobile app has been released to help curtail Indonesian poaching

mobile games apps dating

This gaming application has been launched by the Indonesian Society for Animal Welfare. The Indonesian Society for Animal Welfare has now launched a new mobile app that has been created as a part of a broader initiative that they are making to draw attention to the problem of poaching and to help to reduce the practice. They have worked with mobile game developers to come up with a way to boost awareness and promote education. The organization is hoping to increase the protection of the diverse and endangered wildlife within…

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Google apologizes for augmented reality game Nazi concentration camps

augmented reality ingress mobile game

The tech giant has apologized for featuring the locations as a part of its Ingress mobile app. Niantic Labs, the in-house startup at Google has now released an apology after it featured Nazi concentration camps as a part of the augmented reality game for which it is best known, Ingress. The AR tech based game allows players to decide to join either the Enlightened or the Resistance teams. From there, the players of the augmented reality game can use their smartphones to be able to track down “exotic matter” that…

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Mobile ad for porn displayed in children’s app

mobile technology kids children

The advertisement was shown on the screen of the Talking Tom Android application for kids as young as 5 years. Regulators are currently investigating a situation involving a highly inappropriate mobile ad placement, in which a port site’s sexually explicit advertisements appeared on the screen in a children’s game app. The game that displayed the banner ad was meant for kids as young as five years old, called Talking Tom. The mobile ad was for a company called Ewank.com. The banner advertisement featured a picture of several naked women who…

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