Smartphone battery life may not improve by shutting it off at night

smartphone battery life

Even if you try to give your mobile devices a nap at night, it won’t necessarily improve the lifespan of its power supply. Among the most common practices of mobile device owners in order to try to improve – or at least maintain – smartphone battery life is to shut the device down at night in order to give it a rest from being used. However, a technology expert is now suggesting that this habit doesn’t necessarily provide any benefit. According to the founder of iFixit, Kyle Wiens, a tech…

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Mobile trend experts compare the refrigerator to a smartphone

mobile devices technology summer - girls on phone

The latest mobile trend data is showing that as a society, we’re hungry people… and it’s not just for the food in our refrigerator; it’s for connected devices and digital content. We absolutely love our smartphones and tablets and we’re using these gadgets to do a growing number of things. From the moment a mobile gadget alarm goes off in the morning to the last time messages are checked at night, these devices have become extremely central to our lives, to the point that most of us don’t know exactly…

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The YotaPhone 2 receives high praise for its 2 screens

Yotaphone 2

At the same time, reviewers have been applauding the lack of gimmicks despite its unique design. The YotaPhone 2 seems to have done something that many other mobile devices only wish that they could have accomplished, and that is to have become a hybrid gadget that hasn’t generated a massive letdown among reviewers and consumers. The device seems to have brought together two useful things without compromising too much of what makes each great. The YotaPhone 2 is an Android based smartphone that has a 5 inch color display on…

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iPhone 6 problems continue as devices bend easily

iphone 6 plus bend

Tight pockets and subjecting the Apple smartphone to force can distort the shape of the device. The iPhone 6 has already sold out in many stores across the United States, showing that the Apple smartphone is exceptionally popular and desirable, but some of those who have managed to get their hands on the device are discovering that there is a downside that is taking away from the joy of ownership. Millions of these mobile devices have already sold since their release earlier this month. While the iPhone 6 remains a…

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Mobile security is weak among many wearable technology devices

smartwatches wearable technology mobile payments security

A recent study has shown that many consumers are choosing affordability over privacy protection. As the size of the wearable technology market continues to grow, and consumers have a rapidly increasing number of devices from which to choose, many people are being swayed by low prices despite the fact that they continue to have concerns over mobile security in these gadgets. New research has revealed that 80 percent of consumers were concerned about privacy related to wearables. The study was conducted by Acquity Group. It showed that while four out…

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