QR code money transfers allow Chinese panhandlers to accept mobile payments

begging panhandling qr code money

As China progresses toward a cashless society, people begging for money won’t be limited to change. A new way of accepting QR code money transfers will give new options to panhandlers in China. Individuals begging for change have found that as the country becomes increasingly cashless, fewer people have cash handy to give. A growing number of people in China have been using mobile payments, reducing the cash they carry. As a result panhandlers have found that people who would otherwise give them money don’t have any change handy to…

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Social media marketing raises £2 million for cancer research in 2 days

#nomakeupselfie social media marketing

This was all accomplished with a single hash tag #nomakeupselfie, which went viral. Cancer Research UK has benefited social media marketing at its very best and has managed to raise £2 million in a period of only 48 hours after its viral campaign began, centered around the #nomakeupselfie hashtag that included pictures which were being posted by women. Though the charity was not the creator of the craze, itself, it was certainly the benefactor. Through the power of social media marketing, over 800,000 donations were sent to Cancer Research UK…

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Mobile commerce used by UNICEF for highly effective campaign

Unicef mobile commerce

The international children’s charity experienced a highly successful experience among smartphone users. The “Speak Up for Children” mobile commerce campaign has now been launched and is experiencing considerable success among smartphone and tablet users, whose awareness and opinions of the charity have measurably increased, and whose likelihood of making a donation has been elevated. UNICEF launched the campaign to boost its visibility and to increase interaction with smartphone users. Behind the UNICEF UK mobile commerce campaign is a company called Ogilvy & Mather, a massive international marketing firm that was…

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Paystik gears to support charities with QR codes

Charity Employs QR Codes for Donations

Charities may find new advocate in Paystik Paystik, a minute start-up specializing in QR codes, has launched a new campaign that may help support some 6,000 charities throughout the month of December. The company specializes in helping small businesses and charitable organizations make use of QR codes for the sake of commerce. For what Paystik lacks in size, it makes up for in ambition and innovation and while the company may not yet be on a level where it can compete with large companies like Square, it has managed to…

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United Arts of Central Florida turns to QR codes to garner support with consumers

Smartphone scanning QR codes

United Arts to launch QR-powered Art of Giving campaign this month The United Arts of Central Florida, an agency that works to raise funds to support various arts and science organizations, is turning to mobile technology to gain support for its latest Art of Giving campaign. The campaign is scheduled to launch on June 17 and will rely almost entirely on the use of QR codes to connect with consumers. The Art of Giving campaign is designed to be a “grass-roots” initiative that aims to garner support from the Central…

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