Peel-off QR codes on shopping bags offer coupons to L.A. supermarket customers

qr codes shopping

Superior Grocers is now offering a unique new way for shoppers to be able to save money. A supermarket in Los Angeles called Superior Grocers has now launched a new promotion based on QR codes, which provides shoppers with peel-off barcodes that, when scanned, provide them with digital offers. These quick response codes are continually updated to make sure customers will always have fresh deals. Therefore, while the QR codes, themselves, may stay the same, when they are scanned by customers, the deals and commercials they see will provide them…

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Mobile commerce still being driven by couponing

Mobile trends

These discounts have been sending the channel forward for a number of years now. Mobile commerce has been driven by coupons sent over smartphones for several years, already having a head start back in 2010, even though this channel represented only 3 percent of online shopping at that time. However, by the end of the holiday shopping season last year, comScore stats showed the channel spiked to 11 percent. Last year, mobile commerce represented about $18.6 percent of consumer spending following the holiday shopping season, not including the purchases related…

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Mobile commerce is now Groupon’s main focus

Groupon Mobile commerce

The daily deals site has announced that it is now primarily a site for smartphone and tablet users. Groupon has just recently released its second quarter sales report and has revealed that it is performing better than expected, and that it is mobile commerce that can take the credit for this achievement. Although it started off as a site for desktop and laptop users, a growing number of wireless device shoppers are using it. The popular daily deals site has announced that nearly half of the North American Groupon transactions…

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What do your customers expect from your mobile marketing campaigns?

Mobile Campaign

Smartphone customers are already building expectations, but are you meeting them? As smartphones rapidly increase their market share among mobile device users, campaigns that target cell phones with those capabilities are becoming more common. As a new channel, however, it isn’t always obvious. Moreover, brands need to recognize that optimizing their websites isn’t the full extent of the process. However, as something new, they aren’t always sure what other steps to take. What do consumers want from their mobile marketing campaigns? Unfortunately, they’re not exactly sure, themselves. Though they know…

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Mobile marketing appeals to small businesses of every kind

small business mobile marketing

Merchants from hair salons to sandwich shops are finding it effective. Small businesses that have never been able to use online advertising techniques practical for sharing information about their promotions are now discovering that mobile marketing can provide the affordability and results that they have been waiting for all this time. The number of features available is helping them to link to and convert many consumers. Hair salons, for example, can use text messages to inform consumers regarding special offers, or can remind them that they have an appointment coming…

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