The mobile device type you carry impacts your ability to problem solve

A new study indicates that the type of smartphone you has actually changes the way you think. The Computers in Human Behavior journal recently published a study about the impact of mobile device type on the way people think. It showed that people actually think differently when they have a touchscreen smartphone in their hands when compared to how they would think while using a keyboard and mouse. The research found that people’s problem solving skills change depending on the device they’re using. People using a computer with a keyboard…

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Teensy tiny Jelly smartphone has 2.5 inch display and 4G

Jelly Smartphone

The very small sized device will retail for only $109 and will run on Android 7.0. The Jelly smartphone may be exceptionally small but it’s making a very big splash by standing out in a crowded market. With a teensy 2.45 inch display, the device will cost only $109 and will run on Android 7.0. In a marketplace where screens are getting bigger, this tiny device is definitely different. Moreover, the creators of the Jelly phone have already achieved fully-funded status on Kickstarter. Big networks and tech companies have all…

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Berkeley’s Right to Know ordinance requires cell phone radiation exposure warning

smartphone battery life

Potential purchasers of mobile phones must now receive prior warning of the potential health risks. Starting at the beginning of the month, people considering the purchase of mobile devices in Berkeley, California, will need to be warned about the potential cell phone radiation exposure that can come with that gadget, when interacting with the salesperson. The Right to Know ordinance passed in the municipality back in May and now requires additional cautioning. From that time, forward, customers must be warned by those selling mobile devices that by carrying this type…

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BlackBerry has been called a “Leader” in enterprise mobile management

Blackberry technology news mobile security BES12 mobile security

Forrester Research has recently given this title to the company from among 14 other top vendors. The respected firm, Forrester Research, Inc., has recently given BlackBerry a considerable amount of applause by calling it a “Leader” in Enterprise Mobility Management after having evaluated that and 14 other leading vendors within that industry. It was the Canadian device maker that came out on top with the highest score within the Strategy and Global Presence categories. In Market Presence, BlackBerry tied with another company. That category examined install base, revenue, and partners.…

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Mobile device users in the U.K. asked not to take selfies as they vote

mobile device selfies voter polling station

Staff at polling stations have been instructed to stop these photo taking behaviors in the booths. Despite the fact that using a mobile device to take a selfie within a polling booth is not actually against the law, the staff members at polling stations across the United Kingdom have been told to stop voters from snapping these pictures. The reason is that the Electoral Commission fears that the secrecy of the ballot will be compromised. The fad of taking selfies – that is, self portrait pictures through the use of…

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