Mobile device use can lead to strained necks, say chiropractors

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A growing number of people are now finding themselves faced with a condition called “text neck.” Chiropractors are rapidly seeing a growing wave of patients injured through heavy mobile device use. They are suffering from a condition nicknamed “text neck” since it results from staring at a smartphone screen for hours at a time. The condition is caused by taking the posture used most frequently for texting, and doing it often. The reason is that tiling the head down in this way places about 65 pounds of pressure on the…

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Mobile technology use could potentially lead to arthritis

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Doctors are starting to notice that heavy device users are stressing their hands and wrists at early ages. The heavy use of mobile technology is starting to generate a trend in injuries to fingers, thumbs, wrists, and other parts of the hand and related areas, such as in joints, tendons, ligaments, and other issues. Patients are reporting pain in their thumbs, fingers, and wrists at an increasing rate, particularly among device users. Conditions such as torn tendons in thumbs following prolonged use of mobile technology are popping up in doctors’…

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Cell phone addiction: Myth or Reality?

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Technology news headlines have been revealing that people are becoming increasingly hooked on their mobile devices. As a growing number of cases of internet and cell phone addiction have been making headlines – with the latest being a patient diagnosed as being hooked on his Google Glass – many have started to wonder whether smartphones are doing us more harm than good, when all is said and done. For this reason QR Code Press conducted a study to examine the various items and parts of our lives that people consider…

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Smartphone trends show most shoppers don’t like device use in lines

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Recent research has revealed that the majority of people don’t like standing in checkout lines with others using devices. Among the largest smartphone trends outside of the various devices that have been released and the directions being taken in mobile commerce, marketing, and payments, is the etiquette surrounding the actual use of these gadgets. Nearly everyone now owns some form of cell phone, but this has been a development that has come on quite quickly. Due to the speed at which the smartphone trends have traveled, it hasn’t made it…

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