Mobile health devices in exam rooms don’t bother patients

mhealth augmented biometrics security mobile health

Doctors had been concerned that using these gadgets would bring about fears for personal privacy. For some time now, doctors have had their worries about using technology in order to keep electronic medical records, but it appears as though patents do not feel that same barrier about using mobile health devices and techniques in exam rooms. A new survey conducted by Nuance has revealed that patients welcome the use of mobile gadgets. Among the reasons that the voice recognition tech company behind the survey found that patients found mobile health…

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Tablet trends no longer show skyrocketing growth

tablet commerce trends

These mobile devices still represent a very healthy market, but the growth is stalling out quite a bit. While there is no mistake that tablet trends are showing that the market for these devices is still quite healthy and isn’t showing any signs of future illness, what has become clear through the most recent data released by the International Data Corporation (IDC), is that the growth of this market has slowed significantly with the market’s maturity. The IDC has now “scaled back its five year forecast for the product category”…

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BlackBerry Leap touchscreen smartphone is unveiled

BlackBerry Leap mobile health

The Canadian handset manufacturer has now shown the world its latest device, at the lower end of the market. The BlackBerry Leap has now been unveiled, showing the smartphone market the newest entrant, which will feature a 5 inch touchscreen and that will be geared toward the lower end of the market, as the Canadian device maker attempts to claw its way back into relevancy and to regain a new customer base. This smartphone will be far more affordable than other mobile devices sold by this brand. It will cost…

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Cell phone addiction: Myth or Reality?

mobile texting cell phone addiction

Technology news headlines have been revealing that people are becoming increasingly hooked on their mobile devices. As a growing number of cases of internet and cell phone addiction have been making headlines – with the latest being a patient diagnosed as being hooked on his Google Glass – many have started to wonder whether smartphones are doing us more harm than good, when all is said and done. For this reason QR Code Press conducted a study to examine the various items and parts of our lives that people consider…

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