APAC m-commerce driven by emerging markets, says recent MasterCard study

mobile commerce forecast

Over half of Asia Pacific consumers shop using their smartphones, but the level of popularity is regional. Over half (51.6 percent) Asia Pacific shoppers use smartphones to buy products and services, according to a new APAC m-commerce study. That said, the same survey revealed that across 14 different markets, the degree of popularity of mobile commerce varies from one region to the next. This insight was provided by the most recent MasterCard Mobile Shopping Survey results. Once again this year, the survey pointed to India as being the leader in…

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Mobile consumers may be losing out on millions because of fees

Mobile Consumers

Report finds that mobile consumers are being taken advantage of in the US Consumers in the U.S. may have been paying hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal charges that have been issued by various sources that offer questionable services and content. The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee has released a report highlighting these fees and the financial pressure they have introduced to consumers throughout the country. The report notes that these illegal fees typically originate from small companies that charge fees for ringtones and news updates. Large mobile service providers…

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Mobile commerce popularity is on the rise

Mobile commerce Trends

A recently conducted study has shown that shopping over smartphones is certainly increasing. According to the latest study conducted on mobile commerce, up to 78 percent of smartphone users are applying their devices to the shopping decision process for choosing the products that they will buy. The study showed that these devices were often used for shopping behaviors such as product comparisons. The study was conducted with the participation of 400 users of both smartphones and social media users in India, from among 4,000 total participants. The study indicated that…

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Mobile commerce at eBay is no longer separate from overall shopping

Ebay augmented reality Mobile Commerce

Von Schirmeister has announced that the company is no longer made up of individual channels. According to Alexander von Schirmeister, the eBay Europe vice president of marketing, operations, and advertising, the role of the company in retail is no longer defined by channels such as mobile commerce or online shopping, but is instead an overall shopping experience. Von Schirmeister said that “eBay is not m-commerce or e-commerce, it’s commerce period.” This announcement was made at the most recent IAB Mobile Engage conference, at which von Schirmeister was a speaker and…

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Over one in three consumers use m-commerce

Mobile Commerce Statistics

A study performed by the Consumer Electronics Association has shown that the same devices that have revolutionized communication are now also changing the way that consumers shop, as 9 out of every 10 American consumers (about 216 million individuals) own a smartphone, tablet or cell phone, and 37 percent of them have taken part in mobile commerce in some way. The data from the research performed by this trade group based in Arlington also shows that on average, throughout the next 12 months, these consumers intend to spend about $575…

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PayPal launches new Singapore mobile shopping pilot program in subway stations

Paypal QR Code Mall

PayPal has announced the launch of a new pilot program that it has placed in subway stations in Singapore, which is designed to allow commuters to use their mobile devices to make purchases while they’re on their way to or from school and work. The program involves the participation of eight different stores which are offering mobile consumers passing through the subway stations the opportunity to take advantage of reduced prices on Valentine’s Day gifts. In order to make a purchase, mobile consumers simply need to use their smartphones to…

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BBC continues working with QR codes, plans to expand use in the future

QR Codes on TV

The BBC continues to experiment with the potency of QR codes. Earlier in the year, the broadcasting company began using the codes in a number of cooking shows that were aired on a variety of its channels. The company chose to experiment with the codes after seeing their potential for consumer engagement. BBC became one of the first broadcasting companies to adopt the codes, expanding their familiarity with viewers. The response to the codes seems to have been wildly favorable, as the company is now looking to expand its use…

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Parks Associates report shows the growing support behind NFC technology

NFC Mobile Commerce Statistics

NFC-powered mobile commerce continues to gain momentum amongst consumers as telecommunications and technology company labor to raise awareness of NFC technology. Parks Associates, a leading market research and consultation firm, has released a new report outlining the rising demand for mobile commerce coming from consumers. The report shows that mobile consumers are becoming increasingly enamored with “mobile wallets” – the concept of smart phones doubling as payment devices. The increasing demand is attributed to the convenience inherent in the mobile wallet payment system. According to the report, nearly half of…

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Nokia to develop a new generation of games powered by NFC technology

Nokia Main Headquarters

Telecommunications giant Nokia has been investing heavily into NFC technology lately. The company has targeting the emerging mobile commerce industry as a prime opportunity for growth and has begun producing a number of NFC-enabled smart phones. NFC is becoming increasingly associated with its uses in mobile commerce, but Nokia knows that the technology can be used for more than just mobile payments. The company is looking to use the technology to make mobile gaming more interactive. Nokia has grown fond of the concept of interactive gaming. The growing number of…

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World’s largest QR code from Hackerspace Charlotte

QR Code Video

A group of tech-savvy artists from Hackerspace Charlotte, a non-profit group of hobbyists in North Carolina, are attempting to create the world’s largest QR code on the roof of a scrap yard building. The code will be more than 10,000 square feet by the time it is finished and only discernable from the air. Whether a code of this size will actually function is not yet known, but other large-scale QR codes built in the past have been functional. When the code is completed, it will be visible via satellite…

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Red Bee Media launches animated QR code campaign for BBC’s new drama The Fades

The Fades QR Code

QR codes have won a valuable spot in the world of marketing. The barcodes are largely responsible for the take off of mobile marketing, allowing advertisers to engage mobile consumers wherever they may be. Despite their associations with mobile technology, QR codes are quite static, which can be problematic when marketers are vying for the sometimes fickle attention of mobile consumers. Marketers have had to come up with some creative strategies using QR codes to catch the attention of consumers. Red Bee Media, a media management company based in the…

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