Mobile commerce performance at Rakuten Shopping was steady in May

mobile commerce trends

The smartphone friendly site was able to keep solid load time and availability last month. According to the latest report from Keynote Systems regarding the performance of the mobile commerce website at Rakuten Shopping, the company was able to maintain steady results throughout all of May, but it would actually be possible to improve if some interesting changes were made. The site has opted to load a desktop file which actually hamper’s the page’s performance ability. That said, the mobile commerce homepage for Rakuten Shopping was able to load at…

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Mobile commerce performance considerably improves at J.C. Penney

Mobile Commerce

Keynote Systems has reported that the retailer’s site is now loading twice as fast as previously. According to the latest results of the mobile commerce index from Keynote Systems, the homepage for J.C. Penney Co. Inc. was able to slash its load time in half by 1.78 seconds. On average, the department store was able to load its page in 7.21 seconds, a considerable improvement. The rule of thumb, according to Keynote, is that the lighter a mobile commerce website is, the better it will perform. This was how J.C.…

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Mobile commerce website performance at Foot Locker drops through the floor

foot locker mobile commerce

The latest report from Keynote Systems has shown a massive drop in the site’s availability. The most recent Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index report has just been issued and has shown that Foot Locker has taken a considerable dive in its website performance. The retail chain experienced a very slow homepage load time at 17.42 seconds in the most recent week. This is a considerable decline from the Foot Locker’s previous mobile commerce site performance. For instance, in October 2012, it had achieved the number 1 position on that same…

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Mobile commerce performance from Victoria’s Secret jumps 18 index spots

mobile commerce victoria's secret

The retailer made considerable improvements to its smartphone friendly site, said Keynote. The Victoria’s Secret Direct smartphone friendly website performance jumped by 18 spots on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index during the week that ended on April 21. The retailer’s website homepage for smartphones experienced an average load time of 6.74 seconds. The Victoria’s Secret mobile commerce site homepage was also able to successfully complete its loading 99.49 percent of the time. This, according to the statistics collected by Keynote during that week. When the load time and the…

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Mobile commerce study in U.K. identifies top performers

Mobile trends

The research, conducted by EPiServer, showed that Debenhams has the leading smartphone shopping experience. The results of the latest EPiServer study have shown that the among the leading 30 mobile commerce websites and apps, the top performers in the United Kingdom are Debenhams, Expedia, and Argos. The report showed issued a score to the smartphone friendly websites of 30 of the leading retailers in the U.K. The websites and apps of these British retailers were scored against a benchmark of detailed best practices. The data used for the scoring was…

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Mobile commerce strategy opened by Men’s Wearhouse

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The new smartphone friendly website for the company features a Build-a-Tux feature. The latest announcement from Men’s Wearhouse is that they have just launched a mobile commerce website that will allow shoppers using tablets and smartphones to be able to customize their purchases and obtain deals that are optimized for the smaller screen. The smartphone friendly website is also designed to provide users with the opportunity for exclusive deals. The chain retailer has stated that it decided to make a move toward mobile commerce in response to the growing amount…

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Mobile commerce performance at American Eagle Outfitters improves

Mobile Commerce News

An important milestone has now been reached by the clothing retailer’s smartphone strategy. The teen fashion retailer has just made it into the top ten list of the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index for the first time since it has established its smartphone friendly campaigns and site. The chain’s homepage was recorded to have an average load time of 11.23 seconds. This, according to the tests that were performed by Keynote for its mobile commerce index on the week that ended on April 7. This reduced load time for the…

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Mobile commerce performance at Dick’s Sporting Goods improves

Mobile Commerce - Dick's Sporting Goods

The retailer slashed 8 pages from its smartphone friendly site and reduced its load time by a second. According to the latest weekly report from Keynote Systems, Dick’s Sporting Goods has made some important mobile commerce website improvements that have considerably helped its performance. The Keynote report said that the retailer has made a number of reductions and is headed in the right direction. For the week of the report, the mobile commerce website was able to bring its page load time down to 12.13 seconds, said Keynote. This was…

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M-commerce at Barnes & Noble holds strong for four solid months

Barnes and Noble m-commerce

The company has shown an exemplary performance on the Keynote index. According to Keynote Systems, Barnes & Noble has shown an exceptionally strong performance over the last four months, and its success has continued into the most recent week of the m-commerce index. The retailer’s mobile website had an average load time of 4.76 seconds in the most recent week. The latest Mobile Commerce Performance Index from Keynote was for the week that ended on March 17. It showed that Barnes & Noble had made it to the very top…

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M-commerce at Sears held back by Presidents Day banner

Sears mobile commerce website performance

Keynote Systems identified a slowing on the mobile optimized site due to the holiday ad. The sears m-commerce website added an add to its home page in order to advertise a Presidents Day sale, but according to Keynote, it only managed to decrease the site’s performance by adding a full second to the load time. When Sears changed its design, the company’s performance dropped considerably in the ranks. According to data from the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index for the week that finished on February 17, Sears managed to do…

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Mcommerce website at Victoria’s Secret is underperforming

mobile commerce victoria's secret

Keynote Systems has identified loading struggles on the lingerie retailer’s mobile homepage. According to the most recent report from Keynote Systems, the Victoria’s Secret Direct mobile homepage was recorded as being able to load successfully only 97.79 percent of the time. However, this has still allowed the company’s position to move up from the very bottom of the index. On the week that ended on January 20, the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index registered Victoria’s Secret Direct as having moved up slightly from its spot at 21 out of a…

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