Mobile commerce is becoming an important part of online shopping

Mobile Commerce sales

A commentary from Turner Investments has shown that smartphones are growing in importance when people shop. Consumer analysts from Turner Investments have reported that mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important as an element of overall shopping online and that companies that optimize and take part in the smartphone and tablet friendly experience could benefit from this effort. Consumers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to browse their favorite stores. The latest Turner Investments Sector Focus commentary has revealed that some consumer companies are looking to take advantage of what mobile…

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Mobile commerce adoption to increase by 73 percent in the Netherlands

Mobile commerce Trends

This indicator means that the number of users will have risen to 1.7 million, last year. The revenues generated through mobile commerce in the Netherlands increased in the second half of 2012, to bring them to €310 million, which represents a considerable level of growth. This, according to the latest results that were issued by a market monitoring firm. The mobile commerce Monitor released by Thuiswinkel for 2012-2 revealed these statistics. This has shown that over 2012, the country saw a sizeable amount of growth in the number of consumers…

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Mobile commerce environment shows ongoing strength

Mobile Commerce Trends

A new report has shown that this channel is rapidly on the grow, but mobile payment methods remain shaky. A new report released by Information Week which is called “Mobile Commerce: State of the Market” has revealed that the channel is continuing to grow with considerable strength and speed. The data used for the report was from a survey that was conducted with the participation of 500 company execs. It illustrated the strong and rapid growth being see in the mobile commerce ecosystem. For instance, among the executives from the…

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M-commerce channel led by China and South Korea

mobile commerce asia pacific

The Asia Pacific marketplace is leading the entire world in its smartphone shopping. According to a recent report, the importance of m-commerce is steadily growing across the Asia Pacific region, to the point that the world is being led by that part of the globe in smartphone shopping. The report was based on a study that examined the way countries in that area use the channel. It determined that 55 percent of online shoppers in China had already made at least one purchase over m-commerce during the last quarter of…

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