Mobile payments technology is becoming mainstream

NFC Mobile Payments System

Mobile commerce technology is beginning to become more common with businesses Mobile commerce technology is beginning to enter the mainstream. This technology had once occupied the fringes of the retail industry and business in general, but is becoming more widely accepted as companies begin to understand how much consumers are relying on mobile technology. Many consumers are using their mobile devices in their daily lives, whether for entertainment or social purposes, and this trend is not likely to dissipate within the foreseeable future. If businesses do not engage mobile consumers,…

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App could bring a new twist to mobile commerce through Google Glass

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Bitcoin and mobile commerce are beginning to mingle Google Glass has been gaining a great deal of attention for its use of augmented reality, but the platform may also be used to process mobile payments in the future. Typically, smartphones and tablets are the only devices that are used to make mobile payments, but RedBottle Design, a software firm based in New York, has recently developed a new application that could bring mobile payments to Google Glass. The application is aptly called GlassPay and is designed to leverage bitcoin as…

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Commonwealth Bank to launch new mobile commerce application

Australia Mobile payments Commerce QR Codes

New mobile commerce app coming to Australia The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has announced that it will be launching a new banking application for iOS and Android devices that leverages NFC technology to enable mobile payments. The application is designed to allow users to purchase goods and services using their mobile devices rather than traditional forms of payment. The platform is not expected to be available for another few months, but the Commonwealth Bank believes that it will find a home with the majority of consumers. Consumers begin demanding new…

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Consumers ready for a new generation of mobile commerce

mobile commerce and NFC technology

Mobile commerce is making progress with consumers around the world SAP AG, a leading enterprise software company, has released a new study that suggests consumers are ready to embrace a new generation of mobile commerce services. The study was conducted in 17 countries and found that eight out of 10 consumers are asking for more mobile interactions with financial service firms, telecommunications companies, retailers, utilities, and other businesses. Mobile payments have become one of the most favored forms of commerce among these consumers, many of whom claim that making payments…

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iKaaz seeks to expand the accessibility of mobile commerce

mobile technology commerce trends global

Reach of mobile commerce could be expanded thanks to iKaaz With mobile commerce gaining more attention around the world, consumers are beginning to clamor for services that cater to them. Unfortunately, the majority of mobile commerce services that could be useful to consumers are based on NFC technology. This means that only mobile devices that are equipped with NFC technology can make use of these services. Because NFC-enabled mobile devices are still relatively rare, consumers have had trouble participating in mobile commerce. This may soon change, however, thanks to iKaaz,…

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BNP Paribas launches new NFC-based mobile commerce initiative

NFC Technology mobile commerce

Mobile commerce initiative forms with the help of MasterCard and Gemalto BNP Paribas Group, one of the world’s largest banking organizations, has announced the launch of a new mobile payment initiative based on NFC technology. The organization has partnered with MasterCard for the initiative, allowing customers to utilize their line of credit in order to purchase products from their smartphones. These smartphones will be equipped with NFC-enabled SIM cards provided by Gemalto, a leading security firm. The initiative is meant to provide consumers with an efficient and security way to…

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New mobile commerce system may replace ATMs

ATM mobile payments qr code integration

Mobile commerce continues to grow among consumers As consumers become more integrated in mobile technology, commerce is beginning to change. Consumers are beginning to favor using their mobile devices to shop and purchase products, which has lead to the emergence of mobile commerce. This is a broad term that does not only refer to mobile payments, of course. Mobile commerce also encompasses the use of financial services being offered by banks that cater to mobile users. Such services may soon revolutionize the way people use ATMs around the world. Diebold…

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Mobile commerce gains traction in India with the help of Yebhi

NFC Technology mobile commerce

QR codes and NFC technology being combined to promote mobile commerce Mobile commerce has yet to show signs of slowing down and the growth behind this emerging sector is powering the emergence of virtual stores. These stores, often called “pop-up stores,” aim to close the gap between the physical world of retail and the digital world of retail. Virtual stores can show up anywhere, giving consumers an opportunity to purchase products they may be interested in using nothing more than a mobile device. These stores are also becoming an ideal…

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Mobile commerce technology uses pictures to find products

Mobile Commerce Shopping

The new Visual Fashion Finder from Cortexica compares a retailer’s catalog images to a shopper’s photos. Cortexica, a provider of image recognition technology, has just announced that they have made an important step toward a way to be able to take a picture of anything, and then apply that image to mobile commerce purposes so that it can be instantly purchased online. The tool is being called the Visual Fashion Finder and allows shoppers to use their smartphones in a new way. The Visual Fashion Finder would work through the…

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Mobile commerce may become more secure with new technology

nfc technology Mobile Security

Freescale Semiconductor teams with INSIDE Secure to bring more safety to mobile commerce There are no signs of mobile commerce losing momentum around the world despite very serious concerning regarding security. Security has emerged as the most significant challenge facing mobile commerce today, even surpassing the problem of the low availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices. Security faults in many popular mobile payment applications and systems used by retailers, banks, and other companies could threaten the success of the mobile commerce industry. In order to solve the growing problem of security,…

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New mobile security mechanism could benefit m-commerce

Mobile Security

Mobile security continues to be a serious issue for m-commerce As mobile commerce gains ground with consumers, concerns regarding mobile security are becoming more serious. These concerns are becoming impossible to ignore as more companies enter the highly competitive m-commerce arena, vying for the favor of mobile consumers. Driven by NFC technology, m-commerce is expected to become a massive industry. If mobile security issues continue to go unresolved, however, the industry may be setting itself for catastrophic failure in the future. Researchers develop new mobile security verification mechanism Researchers from…

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