Mobile commerce may revolutionize transactions

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Smart phone may change the way people purchase goods Smart phones may be poised to take over the world of commerce thanks to NFC technology. The technology has made it possible for these mobile devices to be used as payment platforms for goods and services. Though NFC-enabled smart phones are still in low supply, the demand for these devices is becoming larger as consumers become more exposed to mobile commerce. With mobile commerce becoming more established, smart phones may soon change the way people make transactions. Large companies continue to…

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PayPal to test new mobile payment system with McDonald’s

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McDonald’s and PayPal team to provide new service PayPal has announced that it will be testing its new mobile payment system at 30 McDonald’s restaurants throughout France. PayPal has shown interest in mobile commerce, but has all but abandoned NFC technology for its mobile payment ventures. Instead, the commerce company has opted to provide payment services that are more inclusive to those without NFC-enabled mobile devices. The company’s initiative in France positions it to compete with similar mobile commerce initiatives that have been launched through the partnership of Square and…

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Prizm Payments to develop new mobile commerce service

Mobile Payments

Indian consumers to gain access to mobile commerce Prizm Payments, one of India’s fastest growing commerce companies, is looking for ways to make mobile commerce more accessible to a wider audience and not exclusive to those with NFC-enabled smart phones. Mobile commerce has been growing in popularity in the country, which boasts of more than 670 million mobile subscribers. Many of these consumers do not own an NFC-enabled mobile device, however, which has limited the impact of the growing mobile commerce industry. Prizm hopes to remedy this problem with a…

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Mobile commerce adoption sluggish among SME retailers

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Report shows that SME retailers are slow to incorporate mobile commerce systems A new report from OnePoll, a survey-led market research company, shows that small market enterprise (SME) retailers are showing sluggish progress in their adoption of NFC-based mobile commerce services. Demand for mobile commerce has been growing amongst consumers, who have shown a great deal of interest in using their mobile devices to make purchases for goods and services. Mobile commerce is often considered to be a more convenient form of commerce, removing the need for physical currency and…

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