4 Tips for a Successful Mobile Commerce Strategy

mobile commerce marketing tips

When it comes to mobile commerce, seemingly everyone wants to get into the market. Retailers, small and large, are taking steps to break into the digital commerce field, but some of them are falling into traps that exist therein. These traps are not malicious in nature, of course, as they are often the results of simple mistakes that businesses make when they try to enter into a new field. There are some ways businesses can avoid pitfalls without having to put in too much effort. Keep it simple When devising…

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Mobile commerce trial begins for Linio in Latin America

Mobile commerce Trends

The market holds a great deal of potential, helping to explain why a pilot program there is a natural step. Linio, with the backing of Rocket Internet, has just released its first app geared toward the Latin American mobile commerce marketplace, which is predicted to be ready to take off at any moment. Moves such as this one are being made in order to establish a company or a brand before the market becomes crowded. Interest in the Latin American marketplace has spiked since last week’s report from Ericsson, which…

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Mobile commerce strategy at Walgreen’s attracting industry attention

mobile commerce mhealth augmented reality app walgreens

While some feel that the effort is a tremendous one in this channel, others are expressing their doubts. Walgreen is a company that is known for its regular and continuous innovation, and its mobile commerce strategy is now attracting attention from those in the industry who are seeking to decide whether the company has upheld its reputation over this channel, as well. This company invented the malted milkshake in 1922 and has been introducing firsts since then. The innovations have continued at Walgreen as self service shopping was introduced, replacing…

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Mobile commerce must provide positive experience

Mobile commerce

As the channel becomes more popular, research is showing that the customer experience is vital. The more people conduct price comparisons and research products using mobile commerce websites with their smartphones, the greater the importance of a positive experience for those consumers, as the results can be detrimental to a brand or company. The latest research is showing that positive experiences will have them coming back, but negative ones are the opposite. This is particularly true when it comes to people making actual purchases over mobile commerce. When an individual…

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Google takes new approach on mobile commerce

Google mobile ads

Google has not given up on mobile commerce Google has shown a strong interest in the realm of mobile commerce, but the company has yet to find significant traction in this sector with its various services. Mobile commerce has become very popular with consumers as it exemplifies a more convenient way to shop and purchase products. Google launched its own mobile commerce platforms some time ago, called the Google Wallet, which aimed to be the most popular platform for mobile consumers. This was not the case, however, and the Wallet…

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Mobile commerce strategy opened by Men’s Wearhouse

mobile commerce trends report

The new smartphone friendly website for the company features a Build-a-Tux feature. The latest announcement from Men’s Wearhouse is that they have just launched a mobile commerce website that will allow shoppers using tablets and smartphones to be able to customize their purchases and obtain deals that are optimized for the smaller screen. The smartphone friendly website is also designed to provide users with the opportunity for exclusive deals. The chain retailer has stated that it decided to make a move toward mobile commerce in response to the growing amount…

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Apple to approach mobile commerce slowly

Apple mobile payments

iPhone 5 may be unable to facilitate mobile payments upon release Apple may be prepared to include NFC technology in the latest incarnation of its popular iPhone smart phones, but that does not mean that the mobile device will be capable of facilitating mobile payments. Apple’s mobile commerce system – called Passbook – has been revealed, but the company has shown little interest in making mobile commerce one of its main focuses. The service has, nonetheless, garnered attention for its potential uses in mobile commerce, despite the fact that it…

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Mobile commerce study shows only 17 percent of retailers have optimized sites

Mobile Commerce

Study by Briteskies about mobile commerce shows that among specialty online retailers, only 17 percent have optimized for smartphones. Leading firm in B2B and B2C company assistance for seamless integration of enterprise software and e-commerce solutions, Briteskies, has published the results of their study, which performed an evaluation of mobile commerce offerings among 75 different retailers online. Examples of the online companies that were included in the study are Fry’s Electronics, Petco, and Sunglass Hut. The results of this study were first released in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the 2012…

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Shoving m-commerce down your throat

  Some brick and mortar businesses are not doing well in the current economy. Although the numbers show that mobile commerce is exploding, some businesses still don’t want to implement any kind of mobile strategy or marketing plan into their business. Australia is one of those places where many of the merchant’s don’t want to bring a mobile website or app to their business. In several countries, it comes down to convincing the more traditional merchants that mobile commerce can help improve their business. Many merchants have all ready seen…

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