Mobile commerce in the United States to grow over 32 percent in 3 years

Mobile Commerce U.S. and Worldwide

According to a recent study, the size of the American market is set to experience a very healthy growth. As a result of the rising adoption of smartphones and a growing demand to be able to purchase products online, the American mobile commerce marketplace is predicted to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.38 percent by the close of 2016. Smartphone device adoption in the U.S. is occurring at a very rapid rate and people are using them to shop. In fact, the United States is among…

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Mobile commerce made up 10.2 percent of 2012 online sales

Mobile Commerce sales

Retailers selling through Bigcommerce saw one in ten purchases from smartphones and tablets. According to a report issued by Bigcommerce, the retailers that sold thorugh this vendor saw 10.2 percent of their sales generated from shoppers who were using mobile commerce on their smartphones and tablets. The report showed that among those purchases in 2012, iOS devices made up 84.6 percent. That meant that Apple mobile commerce was worth $84.3 million to those retailers in 2012. There are currently approximately 30,000 small and medium sized merchants around the world that…

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Mobile commerce is on the rise

mobile commerce

One quarter of shoppers use smartphones and tablets for their online buying experience. A recent survey of consumers in the United States has shown that 25 percent of users of smartphones and tablets take part in mobile commerce as the exclusive channel by which they do their online shopping. The survey was performed by an Ohio based company called Biginsight. What it discovered was that consumers are increasingly forming a complete dependency on their tablets and their smartphones in order to complete many activities in their lives, including shopping, but…

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Mobile Commerce – the Next “It” Thing in Shopping – Has Arrived

Mobile Commerce News

Smartphone apps and technology are considered not only to be the next big thing in commerce, but are already playing an important role in reshaping the retail marketplace. The results of a PayPal survey made in partnership with the Australian Retailers Association, which was released earlier this year, revealed that online transactions made by way of mobile phone have skyrocketed in Australia. It suggested that among consumers with smartphones, 68 percent intend to use this payment method in the future. It also indicated that spending via mobile phone broke the…

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Mobile commerce powerhouse hits the ground running

One company is a leader in computer software analytics, data and mobile applications. The other company holds more patents than any other U.S. based technology company, and has nine research labs worldwide. These two powerhouse companies have joined forces to give m-commerce a massive uplift. Sybase is a computer software company specializing in analysis, data and mobile applications. IBM specializes in computer hardware, hosting and consulting services. The two have collaborated to create a new workload-optimized server for financial institutions, mobile operators and other mobile enterprises. The creation is called…

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