10 Tips To Creating A Better Mobile Commerce Site

black friday mobile shopping record

More number of people are opting for surfing the net through their mobile phones. The advent of high quality smartphones has helped the cause, BIG TIME! On the other hand, it has also become important for a web designer to apply greater skill on building a high quality mobile site. A recent survey shows that 66% smartphone owners do shopping for their products through their mobile phone. Nevertheless, you must keep a few points in mind when you build a mobile commerce website in a better manner. Here are 10…

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Mobile commerce site performance at Dick’s improves

Mobile Commerce - Dick's Sporting Goods

The sporting goods store has managed to speed up its page load time by a second. According to the latest statistics from Keynote Systems, Dick’s Sporting Goods, the decision to slash eight objects from its mobile commerce page has improved its performance by reducing its page load time by a second. Keynote feels that the retailer’s decision paid off as the improvement to the site performance was meaningful. On March 21, Dick’s took its mobile commerce website objects down from 36 to 28 so that its average page load time…

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Mobile commerce website may not achieve success from breaking all the rules

mobile commerce site performance weight

GNC’s massive smartphone homepage takes far too long to load meaning that . According to the mobile commerce index from Keynote, the smartphone optimized website of General Nutrition Centers (GNC) is enormous and breaks all of the typically recommended “rules” for this type of site. The massive homepage at GNC takes an average of 41 seconds to load, according to Keynote data. The reason that the mobile commerce homepage takes such a tremendous amount of time to load is primarily due to its weight, which ranges from 800 kilobytes to…

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Mobile commerce performance considerably improves at J.C. Penney

Mobile Commerce

Keynote Systems has reported that the retailer’s site is now loading twice as fast as previously. According to the latest results of the mobile commerce index from Keynote Systems, the homepage for J.C. Penney Co. Inc. was able to slash its load time in half by 1.78 seconds. On average, the department store was able to load its page in 7.21 seconds, a considerable improvement. The rule of thumb, according to Keynote, is that the lighter a mobile commerce website is, the better it will perform. This was how J.C.…

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Mobile commerce performance from Victoria’s Secret jumps 18 index spots

mobile commerce victoria's secret

The retailer made considerable improvements to its smartphone friendly site, said Keynote. The Victoria’s Secret Direct smartphone friendly website performance jumped by 18 spots on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index during the week that ended on April 21. The retailer’s website homepage for smartphones experienced an average load time of 6.74 seconds. The Victoria’s Secret mobile commerce site homepage was also able to successfully complete its loading 99.49 percent of the time. This, according to the statistics collected by Keynote during that week. When the load time and the…

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Mobile commerce strategy opened by Men’s Wearhouse

mobile commerce trends report

The new smartphone friendly website for the company features a Build-a-Tux feature. The latest announcement from Men’s Wearhouse is that they have just launched a mobile commerce website that will allow shoppers using tablets and smartphones to be able to customize their purchases and obtain deals that are optimized for the smaller screen. The smartphone friendly website is also designed to provide users with the opportunity for exclusive deals. The chain retailer has stated that it decided to make a move toward mobile commerce in response to the growing amount…

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Mobile commerce site from Ace Hardware provides consumers with “handy” resource

Mobile Commerce site for Ace Hardware

The merchant is hoping to use its website to assist shoppers no matter where they are. Ace Hardware has already been making a place for itself in mobile commerce, but is stepping up its game by adding features and a massive amount of content to its optimized website so that consumers will be able to use it as a “helpful place” in any place they happen to be. Its features include a solid store locator that links to pages that are customized for each specific store. The company wants smartphone…

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Moosejaw Mountaineering to begin phasing out its m-commerce site

Moosejaw Mobile Site

Moosejaw Moutnaineering, a retailer of outdoor gear, has announced that it intends to phase out its mobile commerce site and will instead be boosting its e-commerce site’s mobile optimization. According to the senior vice president of marketing and technology of the company, Eoin Comerford, the new Moosejaw.com website will go live during the first week of October 2011. The website for this web merchant and retail chain will be capable of identifying the type of browser being used by the site visitor and will make sure that the site will…

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Mobile Marketers Define Top Tips for Copy Optimization

Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile marketing experts have released their findings regarding the type of optimization required for copy that will be viewed by individuals using a mobile device. Copywriting for any type of campaign has its own rules and structures, and mobile marketing is no exception. With the rapidly growing popularity of this type of advertising and promoting, marketers have been scrambling to test and retest to find out what works and what doesn’t. What they’ve found is that the best technique is to keep it simple and be direct. Though other media…

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