Tokens may be the answer to mobile commerce security Visa mobile commerce payments

Tokenization is becoming a top priority in the mobile commerce space Tokenization is becoming a very important concept in the mobile commerce space. As this sector continues to grow, it is becoming a more attractive target for malicious groups. These groups sometimes attempt to steal the financial information of consumers in order to make fraudulent payments. Security has long been an issue that has plagued the mobile space, and now that payments have become mobile-centric, securing payment platforms is becoming a major priority. Event will highlight the potential of digital…

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Mobile payments to go mainstream by 2020

mobile payments app shopping

Report predicts the mainstream success of mobile payments Mobile payments are expected to become a mainstream phenomenon by 2020, according to a new report from Compass Plus. The number of consumers that are engaging in mobile commerce is growing daily, with more people having access to NFC-enabled mobile devices than ever before. Banks and retailers are becoming engrossed in mobile payments, launching new services and looking to support mobile consumers in a more dynamic way than ever before.  Banking experts have high hopes for the mobile commerce space The report,…

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New mobile device could make mobile payments more secure

mobile payments trends

Smartphone comes equipped with biometric technology that can scan a person’s iris Mobile payments are gaining more popularity, but this popularity is also raising concerns regarding the security of making transactions with a smartphone. Security concerns have slowed the adoption of mobile payments, causing many companies to take steps to improve the overall safety of their mobile services. In Japan, NTT DoCoMo and Fujitsu are partnering together in order to address the issue of mobile payments security, and the companies are taking a novel approach on the issue. The iris…

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Google’s mobile payments platform is now FDIC-insured

Google Wallet Mobile Payments

Google wins FDIC coverage for its mobile payments service Those using Google Wallet are in for some good news. Funds associated with the mobile payments platform are now insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). This federal organization provides insurance coverage for funds held by banking institutions up to $250,000. This means that if Google Wallet were to be dissolved entirely, those using the service will not lose the funds they have stored on the platform. Google Wallet now has insurance coverage for its funds Google Wallet is one…

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Mobile commerce fraud is a big problem for merchants

mobile commerce future smarphone

Mobile fraud is becoming a problem for merchants that want to engage mobile consumers Mobile commerce is quickly establishing itself as one of the most powerful forces in the commerce sector, powered by the growing number of consumers that have smartphones and tablets. There may be a problem threatening the continued growth of this sector, however, as many businesses may have a lack of awareness about fraud. According to a recent study from Kount, many of the companies that have involved themselves in the mobile commerce space are somewhat misinformed…

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