Banks may be losing the mobile commerce fight

Mobile Commerce Bank

Companies like Google and Facebook are showing that they are better at mobile financial service than banks Banks may soon lose their monopoly in the payments market due to technology and social networking companies entering into the mobile commerce space. Google and Facebook are just two of the myriad companies that are beginning to offer financial services to consumers, utilizing innovative digital solutions to do so. Similar companies are doing so as well, hoping to take advantage of a market that is growing at a rapid pace. By 2017, it…

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New mobile commerce platform launched in Singapore

Singapore Mobile Commerce

SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank launch new mobile platform called Dash SingTel, a leading telecommunications company in Singapore, has partnered with Standard Chartered Bank in order to launch a new mobile commerce platform. The platform is comprised of three services that are offered by SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank. These services are designed specifically for smartphones and cover money transfers, retail payments, mobile travel insurance, and loan applications. Those with smartphones will be able to use the new platform, which is called Dash, and the platform will not be exclusive…

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US Bancorp and Monitise aim to take on mobile commerce

mobile commerce

Companies come together to develop new mobile commerce platform Mobile commerce has been seeing some strong growth throughout the U.S. Many people are beginning to use their mobile devices to shop online more regularly and these people tend to spend more money through their mobile devices than they would normally spend at physical stores. U.S. Bancorp has plans to take advantage of the growing craze surrounding mobile shopping by developing a shopping application of its own. To accomplish this task, the organization has partnered with Monitise. Demand among consumers continues…

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Apple sees promise in mobile commerce platforms

apple event mobile iPhones

Apple may be taking steps to finally break into mobile commerce More momentum is being added to rumors suggesting that Apple will finally make an entrance into the mobile commerce market. The company has been taking a slow and cautious approach to the mobile commerce issue, hoping to avoid some of the pitfalls that other companies entering into this sector have fallen into. Recent reports suggest that Apple is actively working to build a new mobile commerce platform that may be featured as part of the iPhone 6 that is…

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AT&T aims to make its own mobile commerce platform

AT&T mobile security technology news

AT&T makes a move to establish a strong presence in mobile commerce AT&T has made a move to develop its own mobile commerce platform. The telecommunications company is currently involved in Isis, a platform that was born from a joint venture with Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile. The three companies had invested heavily in Isis and successfully launched the platform in the U.S. in 2013. Isis has promised to be a powerful platform, but AT&T is not willing to place the entirety of its mobile commerce interests on the platform. AT&T…

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