New leading mobile commerce marketplace for growth crowned

jakarta indonesia mobile commerce marketplace

The Better Than Cash Alliance conducted a study naming Indonesia as the leader in m-commerce. The Better Than Cash Alliance released the results of a study it conducted which determined that Indonesia is the fastest growing mobile commerce marketplace. This is an impressive feat for the Southeast Asian country’s population of 260 million. This led the authors of the report on the study to call the country a potential global tech business powerhouse. The study credited the rapidly growing mobile commerce marketplace in Indonesia to the country’s rising middle class.…

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Mobile gift card shopping now available through CashStar

Mobile Gift Cards

The incentives and digital gifting company, CashStar, has revealed that it will now be including the purchase of gift cards on the mobile web in its already significant digital gifting platform. Smartphone users will now be able to conveniently and easily purchase eGift Cards using their mobile devices, through the complete optimization of the service for the mobile web. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, this new tool allows retailers to take advantage of the incremental sale of eGift Cards within the increasingly popular marketplace of mobile shopping.…

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Consumers prepare for the rise of NFC enabled devices for mobile payments

Mobile platform commerce Shopping

  As an increasing number of mobile device companies announce their intentions to release products that contain a near field communications (NFC) chip, consumers are preparing themselves to begin using these devices to replace their wallets and handbags for making purchases.  Google, for example, has already come up with the Nexus S cell phone from Samsung Electronics, which is NFC enabled, allowing for mobile payments.  This device was unveiled last December and has the necessary technology to transmit payment information or discount coupons in conjunction with a reading device at…

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The risks of replacing credit cards with mobile phones

Mobile Payment Security

Credit cards have a new cousin as cell phones enter the mobile commerce marketplace with the technology to pay for a purchase in a brick-and-mortar shop with nothing more than a wave of the device. Though some are eager to start using it, others are wary of the process. This concern may not be entirely unfounded. It seems that many of the policies and laws that have been put into place to protect our money and credit aren’t yet aligned with the latest in technological advancements. The Consumers Union has…

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