Mobile commerce is taking a larger share of online shopping

mobile commerce trends

Purchasing and making buying decisions over smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly common. According to the latest study results issued by comScore and The Partnering Group based on data collected and analyzed since June, 55 percent of all online shopping began with mobile commerce over a smartphone or tablet in some way. The findings underscore the way in which shopping is heading in an increasingly small screen direction. The results of the data analysis has underscored the importance of mobile commerce and that the world is moving increasingly in that…

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Report shows mobile commerce trumps PC e-commerce

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Mobile commerce outshines PC comScore, a leading market research firm, has released a new report that sheds some light on mobile shopping and consumer preferences. The report shows that mobile commerce is beginning to gain momentum among consumers. These consumers are beginning to favor shopping via their mobile devices over going to traditional stores. Moreover, more consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices for shopping than their PCs. The report from comScore suggests that as many as a third of all traffic to e-commerce sites is coming from mobile…

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iKaaz seeks to expand the accessibility of mobile commerce

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Reach of mobile commerce could be expanded thanks to iKaaz With mobile commerce gaining more attention around the world, consumers are beginning to clamor for services that cater to them. Unfortunately, the majority of mobile commerce services that could be useful to consumers are based on NFC technology. This means that only mobile devices that are equipped with NFC technology can make use of these services. Because NFC-enabled mobile devices are still relatively rare, consumers have had trouble participating in mobile commerce. This may soon change, however, thanks to iKaaz,…

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Mobile commerce growth in the UK lags behind the US

Mobile Commerce trends

UK falls behind in terms of mobile commerce Judo Payments, a mobile commerce firm based in the United Kingdom, has released a new study that shows mobile commerce in the United Kingdom is lagging behind that of the U.S. While UK consumers have been showing more interest in mobile payments recently, mobile commerce has been growing at a faster pace in the U.S. The study aims to shed some light on this trend and identify some of the factors that may be influencing UK consumers to be leery of mobile…

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Groupon positioned to become a leader in mobile commerce

Groupon Mobile Commerce

Groupon sees promise in mobile commerce sector Acclaimed daily deals pioneer Groupon believes that it is in an ideal position to become a leader in the mobile commerce sector. The company has announced that nearly 50% of its revenue comes from purchases made from mobile devices. According to CEO Eric Lefkofsky, Groupon is quickly adapting to a world where consumers are more comfortable with spending copious amounts of money through their mobile devices. Groupon has been working to accommodate these consumers more aggressively over the past few years. Groupon app…

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