eMarketer mobile commerce forecast shows strong future

mobile commerce forecast

The firm’s recent study suggests that smartphone based shopping is building a highly positive landscape. The doubts some are still expressing against the growth potential of m-commerce have another study against them following a new eMarketer mobile commerce forecast. Within the report were the results of a study on the smartphone shopping ecosystem. While the m-commerce prediction aligns with other research, it also includes some striking insight. The eMarketer mobile commerce forecast states that by the year 2021, smartphone and tablet based shopping will make up 72.9 percent of the…

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The Future of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce Future

Mobile commerce has become a powerful force in the business world. Smartphones are the most widely used electronic device in the world, so it was only a matter of time before commerce began to evolve to become more mobile-centric. As mobile technology continues to grow more prolific, new commerce structures are being formed to support the use of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. This will have a major impact on various business sectors and those that are unwilling to adapt could become a footnote in history, if not forgotten entirely.…

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Mobile commerce: Looking forward

mobile commerce technology online

The future is bright for mobile Mobile commerce has already managed to establish a strong following in only a few short years. People throughout the world have become enamored with the concept of using their mobile devices to purchase products online and at physical stores while also using these devices to manage their personal finances. Despite initial challenges, mobile commerce has become quite influential, and this influence may grow to new heights within the next five years. Mobile devices are becoming more heavily used than PCs. PC makers are beginning…

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Why are mobile payments the future of commerce?

mobile payment security concerns Digital Currency

Mobile payments have become more than a novelty Mobile commerce has blossomed from an unassuming novelty trend to a phenomenon that is, quite literally, forcing businesses to revamp their business models. Global society is becoming more reliant on mobile technology and mobile devices are becoming more fundamental to the daily lives of people everywhere. New generations are growing up utterly saturated in technology and digital media, creating an environment wherein separation of these two things seems all but impossible. As people become more reliant on mobile devices, they are looking…

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Mobile commerce will reach 1 billion shoppers in 3 years

mobile commerce trends

By the year 2016, a recent research report has indicated that the number or people m-buying will break the mark. Aligning with other mobile commerce research that has recently been presented to and by the industry, the results of a new analysis have now indicated that there will be over a billion shoppers choosing this channel by 2016, and retailers are recognizing this at a rapid pace. This has caused many retailers – large and small – to focus on the marketplace over smartphones and tablets. Many very well recognized…

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