Mobile commerce predicted to reach $25 billion in 2013

Mobile Commerce projections

The boom of smartphone and tablet based shopping is here and it is predicted to sail this year. In the first half of 2013, comScore recorded mobile commerce sales as having reached $10 billion in the United States, alone, and that firm’s latest survey data is now suggesting that by the end of this year, that figure could rise to exceed $25 billion. Last year by the halfway point, the sales over smartphones and tablets had been at $8.3 billion. For the entire year of 2012, mobile commerce brought in…

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Mobile commerce expected to be huge holiday retail driver

mobile devices christmas m-commerce

The 2013 holiday shopping season will see smartphones and tablets as a major channel. A research team at a personalized consumer experience solutions provider called Baynote have just released the results of their first annual Holiday Predictions survey to reveal their forecast for drivers during that shopping season, such as mobile commerce. What they determined was that smartphones and tablets would play a very important role this year. The Baynote online and mobile commerce survey was performed in conjunction with an e-tailing group. Its findings indicated that retailers have cautious…

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Mobile commerce whitepaper released by the GSMA

mobile commerce trends

Operators have placed their backing behind the report that has revealed an optimistic vision. The Groupe Speciale Mobile Association – more frequently known as the GSMA – has just released a highly optimistic whitepaper which has detailed the ways in which mobile commerce and the technology as a whole could provide a meaningful revolution for retailers. It also used the publication to unveil some of its more ambitious plans for shoppers in urban areas. Part of this vision is the intention to bring mobile commerce and brick and mortar retail…

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Mobile commerce is becoming a huge opportunity in South Africa

Mobile Commerce opportunity

Companies are beginning to see this market as holding a considerable amount of potential. In the mobile commerce environment, growth has been seen around the world at a considerable rate, but there are certain areas in the world where it is believed to hold a great deal more potential than others. Among those high potential regions, South Africa has now been grouped with other leaders. While the majority of the mobile commerce data is focused on more mature markets, for example, the United States, there is a surprisingly small amount…

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Mcommerce will play a role in 2 out of 3 in-store shopping experiences

Mobile commerce holiday shopping

Among smartphone users, two thirds intend to use the devices in brick and mortar shops. The results of an analysis performed by Prosper Mobile Insights have been released, and they have revealed some interesting details regarding the way that mcommerce will be used by shoppers throughout the holiday season. This could provide retailers with some important insight for adjusting their campaigns to boost their ROI. This type of information is critical for last minute changes for the holiday season. What the research discovered, was that 55.3 percent of all mobile…

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