Commonwealth Bank sees major rise in NFC payments in Australia, Telsyte suggests merchants will be slow to warm to mobile commerce

Mobile Payments

Mobile commerce is gaining momentum in Australia, according to The Commonwealth Bank, the country’s largest financial institution. The bank announced this week that mobile payments have more than quadrupled in the last year, logging more than 1.3 million transactions during December alone. The bank notes that the availability of NFC applications has also risen by 30,000 over the same time period. This indicates that mobile commerce may be gaining ground with consumers in Australia, but research firm Telsyte claims that the concept is not very popular with merchants. Mobile commerce…

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Zmags study examines m-commerce and tablet commerce readiness of top 100 American retailers

Mobile Commerce

Zmags has published the results of its study that assessed the cross-channel marketing readiness of the top 100 U.S. online retailers in terms of their use of mobile, tablet, and social media, and they discovered that very few of them are working to achieve the full commerce potential of mobile devices. The study was conducted in November 2011 and examined the smartphone and tablet offerings of the leading 100 retailers (according to the 2011 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide). Android smartphones, iPhone, and iPad offerings were scrutinized by the researchers.…

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Future impact of mobile on e-commerce?

Mobile commerce and the future

With the start of the holiday shopping season, a record number of consumers will be using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to make their purchases, instead of heading out to join the lineups in stores or even using their personal computers. Data from research performed by mobile ad network Jumptap and comScore shows that 31 percent of the owners of these devices have already purchased a product or service at some point through mobile channels. This figure, though, has not drawn half the attention of the 63…

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Parks Associates report shows the growing support behind NFC technology

NFC Mobile Commerce Statistics

NFC-powered mobile commerce continues to gain momentum amongst consumers as telecommunications and technology company labor to raise awareness of NFC technology. Parks Associates, a leading market research and consultation firm, has released a new report outlining the rising demand for mobile commerce coming from consumers. The report shows that mobile consumers are becoming increasingly enamored with “mobile wallets” – the concept of smart phones doubling as payment devices. The increasing demand is attributed to the convenience inherent in the mobile wallet payment system. According to the report, nearly half of…

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Bizness Apps announces new m-commerce solution

Consumer Shopping Trends

Rapidly-growing startup, Bizness Apps, provides small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide with effective mobile business applications, and has now announced that it will be offering Mobile Carts, a mobile commerce solution. The new Mobile Carts solution will provide Bizness Apps clients with the simplest, fastest, and most affordable way for a company that is currently restricted to e-commerce to develop their offerings to provide their customers with an m-commerce option, as well. This mobile commerce platform is a do-it-yourself tool that permits any business to create, edit, and manage apps within…

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Forrester Research sees benefits and drawbacks to using m-commerce vendors


A study conducted by Forrester Research Inc., for, entitled “The State of Retailing Online 2011,” has shown that 33 percent of retailers participating in mobile commerce have hired technology vendors specializing in m-commerce to assist them with their mobile website or app. It also found that there were a lower number of retailers that chose to build their m-commerce in-house, that hired e-commerce vendors, or that opted for another strategy altogether. According to Peter Sheldon, a Forrester Research analyst, mobile commerce has grown from a small emerging channel that…

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NFC World Alliance combines the world’s leading technology firms to expand the reach of NFC

Augmented reality mobile marketing

NFC technology is becoming the cornerstone of mobile commerce. As the champion of the emerging industry, NFC technology has been attracting a great deal of attention all over the world as companies scramble to etch out their claim in an industry whose value ranks in the billions of dollars. As more companies begin to enter the field, those that have been in the industry for several years are taking note of growing competition. Now, three of the world’s leading NFC specialists are coming together to form a new coalition that…

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E-commerce is already stepping into its mobile future

Mobile commerce and the future

It is becoming increasingly evident that mobile is the way of the future for e-commerce, and in many places – such as China – retailers are discovering that mobile is already becoming important in the present. A consulting firm called Analysis International, with a specialty in Chinese internet market research, has released data that indicates that mobile phone sales revenues reached the $261 million (1.67 billion yuan) mark in this year’s second quarter. When compared to the same time last year, this is an increase of 880 million yuan. Of…

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Wireless carriers to invest another $100 million in joint Isis mobile payment venture

Mobile Commerce Industry

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are getting ready to spend an additional $100 million on their combined venture for mobile payment, which they have called Isis. Isis is a contactless payment system based on near field communication (NFC) technology, which is expected to play an important role in the highly competitive upcoming mobile payments marketplace. Bloomberg has stated that the carriers have yet to make the final decision regarding the total amount that they are willing to spend based only on the ability of Isis to obtain merchant and bank support,…

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Ebay doing a little shopping of their own

Ebay m-commerce News

Online auction and shopping giant eBay has spent more than 200 million dollars in the last year making acquisitions of three businesses. This may not sound like much, but when you put it all on paper and look at the big picture; then you start to see it. EBay has been building itself to be right in the center of mobile and local commerce, and payments. Besides owning PayPal, eBay now owns three other companies. The first was purchased in June of last year; a barcode-scanning application called RedLaser. RedLaser…

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