The impact of Siri on mobile commerce


Though the iPhone 4S release was initially disappointing to most people who had been eager for the latest Apple mobile phone, it is still now being applauded as an incredible new device for many reasons, especially in its revolutionary Siri. Siri – a form of Apple digital assistant – is not only significantly different from other forms of interface between users and devices, but it also creates the potential for a wide range of changes in consumer computing and mobile commerce as a whole. Its impact on the way that…

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What 2011 has taught us about mobile for 2012

Mobile gaming

With the close of 2011, marketers and businesses of every size are looking back over the year to learn from the leaps and bounds that mobile has taken over the year to help to design their strategies for 2012, because there is one lesson that could not be ignored: mobile has arrived. The industry may have forecasted more rapid brand adoption than what was achieved, but this doesn’t mean that mobile didn’t make it, because it certainly has. And now, due to a number of important reasons, it is about…

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Mobile media study is the first to look at e-reader and tablet owners who read digital magazines

Tablet Magazines

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA, formerly the Magazine Publishers of America) has just published the very first study that looks specifically to the behaviors and attitudes of a very specific niche among consumers: e-reader and tablet owners who use app-based magazines through their mobile devices. The Affinity for MPA research firm performed the actual study, which has helped to further the understanding of the way that consumers engage with digital magazines, as well as their preferences between the functionality of digital editions and the newsstand versions. It even looked…

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Survey shows 13 percent of shoppers will use mobile devices for holiday purchases

Tablet t-Commerce

According to the results of a study just released by PriceGrabber, over the upcoming holiday season, 13 percent of shoppers will be using their smartphones and tablets for making their holiday purchases. The study examined the various methods that will be used by consumers for their holiday purchases, including in-store, online, and mobile. Regardless of the increase, among the respondents of the survey, only 4 percent stated that they would actually be making the purchases over mobile. This shows how important mobile devices are becoming for the in-store shopping process.…

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Parks Associates report shows the growing support behind NFC technology

NFC Mobile Commerce Statistics

NFC-powered mobile commerce continues to gain momentum amongst consumers as telecommunications and technology company labor to raise awareness of NFC technology. Parks Associates, a leading market research and consultation firm, has released a new report outlining the rising demand for mobile commerce coming from consumers. The report shows that mobile consumers are becoming increasingly enamored with “mobile wallets” – the concept of smart phones doubling as payment devices. The increasing demand is attributed to the convenience inherent in the mobile wallet payment system. According to the report, nearly half of…

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