Tim Hotrons embraces mobile payments

Tim Hortons augmented reality game

Tim Hortons prepares to launch mobile payments initiative in US and Canada Tim Hortons has announced that it will begin accepting mobile payments at all of its locations in Canada and the U.S. The famed company is set to launch a mobile payments pilot project in December of this year, which will test the capabilities of the TimmyMe application. The app allows consumers to make payments from their mobile devices and is available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry platforms. Tim Hortons is the latest in a growing number of restaurant…

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Yapital updates mobile payments app with new feature

wallet qr code transactions mobile payments

New feature brings more convenience to mobile commerce service Yapital, a mobile commerce firm, has added a “one click” purchase feature to its mobile application. The application allows users to make purchases from the mobile devices at physical stores and online. These mobile commerce applications tend to operate like digital wallets, storing financial information and other data and allowing it to be used in a convenient fashion. The new feature will allow Yapital users to make purchases from printed advertising media. Yapital now supports QR codes as a mobile payments…

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US Bank introduces new mobile commerce app

mobile payments trends

Application puts a new twist on mobile shopping US Bank has developed a new application that is meant to serve as a mobile commerce platform for consumers. The application is designed to allow consumers to quickly purchase products that they may come across in their daily lives. In this way, it is quite similar to other applications of the same nature, but the application is able to provide information on products using image recognition and audio. As such, the application can be used to bring up a list of products…

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New partnership seeks to expand mobile commerce in Australia

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

Commonwealth Bank, Samsung, and MasterCard form new partnership Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has partnered with MasterCard and Samsung Electronics Australia in order to provide consumers with new mobile commerce services based on NFC technology. The partnership is meant to further encourage the adoption of mobile commerce throughout the country as well as increase the focus on Samsung’s line of NFC-enabled devices. NFC devices are needed if consumers want to make use of services that are based on this technology. Thus far, Samsung is one of the very few device makers that…

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Mobile commerce revenue at Google Play approaching that of Apple’s App Store

Mobile trends Commerce Apps on smartphone

The earnings from the two different application marketplaces are starting to near par with one another. The results of a new data analysis have just been released by Distimo, and have suggested that the mobile commerce revenue being brought in by Google Play for Android is experiencing a rapid growth. This success is indicating that the app revenues from Android devices is approaching that of Apple’s. Distimo is a trusted mobile commerce app store analytics provider for developers. This firm’s data has, therefore, indicated that the opportunities for developers of…

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Mobile commerce apps used by 56 percent of American smartphone owners

mobile commerce

Newly released data has shown that these applications are very popular and some stand out as leaders. According to a study conducted by Arbitron Mobile, an Arbitron Inc. subsidiary, well over half of all American smartphone owners have mobile commerce apps on their devices, and they spend a good amount of time using those applications every month. The researchers used on-device software meters in conjunction with their panel of smartphone owners. What they determined, based on the behaviors of the participants, is that among smartphone owners in the United States,…

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Mobile commerce study reveals more than half of female smartphone owners shop

mobile commerce demographics

Research performed by Swirl showed that 53 percent of women device users have up to 5 shopping apps. The results of a recent study conducted by Swirl have revealed that while 53 percent of female smartphone owners have up to five different mobile commerce apps on their devices, they still feel that the best overall shopping experience is the one that they receive while they are actually in store. The smartphone marketing platform provider conducted the survey among American consumers. In order to reach its conclusions, Swirl held a survey…

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Mobile commerce picks up through apps in the first part of 2013

mobile commerce growth

New research has shown that the download of these applications has only picked up since the start of the year. Many people in the mobile commerce industry wondered whether the massive downloading trend that was experienced in the last quarter of 2014 would slow down or at least plateau with the start of the new year and the end of the holiday shopping season last year. The latest statistics are showing that the rate of growth hasn’t seen much of a slowing at all. Data that has been released by…

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Mobile commerce app success at Asda driven by moms

asda mobile commerce app for moms

The company is experiencing a boost over this channel as parent consumers download its application. Asda has reported that its mobile commerce performance is performing a great deal better due to a wave of moms who are using their smartphones to download the retailer’s shopping app. The company has stated that over the Christmas season, a quarter of its online purchases came from smartphones and tablets. Throughout the holiday season, one in every four online orders at Asda came from consumers using mobile commerce through their smartphones and tablets. Since…

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Visa teams with RBS to launch TouchPay mobile commerce platform

Mobile Commerce

iPhone may be able to participate in mobile commerce after all Apple fans are not likely to see the iPhone make its entry into the mobile commerce field any time soon. Those interested in mobile commerce held high hopes that the iPhone 5 would signify Apple’s entry into the industry and spark some innovation in the field of NFC technology. Though Apple has revealed that the next iteration of its smart phone will not include NFC technology, there is still hope that iPhone users will be able to participate in…

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Swirl mobile shopping application unveiled

Swirl mobile app

New mobile shopping platform revealed by Swirl Networks Swirl Networks, a startup based In Massachusetts, has unveiled what it believes to be a next generation mobile shopping platform. The company has launched the Swirl application for iOS devices, which aims to combine interactive and social technologies to connect consumers to their favored retail stores. Swirl is the latest in a series of similar mobile shopping applications that are designed to make mobile shopping a more prominent part of the retail industry. Swirl already attracts support from major retail brands Swirl…

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