Chick-fil-A uses mobile phones to promote family togetherness

mobile payments use

The fast food chain now has a “Cell Phone Coop” box as a part of a campaign to encourage people to spend time together. Chick-fil-A has now started a new family togetherness campaign that is meant to help people to stop distracting themselves with their mobile phones throughout a meal and pay attention to each other, instead. The new “Cell Phone Coop” is meant to encourage people to tuck mobile devices away during meals. The company has noticed how many families continue to use their mobile phones during the length…

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Chevrolet runs Super Bowl television ads with complementary mobile campaign this year

Super bowl social media advertising marketing wearable technology

Chevy has announced the nature of its Super Bowl advertising this year, and it has revealed that its television commercials will be complemented by a mobile campaign once more. However, it has also stated that it will be broadening its mobile efforts by including an app that will provide users with the ability to use Twitter to interact with each other, play games, and to win prizes. Last year, the automobile manufacturer created mobile advertising using the social targeting service by OneRiot. This service functions by targeting segments of the…

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Toyota uses augmented reality and QR codes for Corolla campaign

Toyota Augmented Reality QR codes

Toyota has been working with its Asian-American agency, interTrend, to create a mobile campaign for the Corolla using augmented reality and QR codes, based on Hatsune Miku, a computer-generated pop star. This campaign is designed to feature the car, but to introduce the virtual singer to the American marketplace. Beyond sponsoring a concert by Hatsune Miku in the United States, Toyota has also created a QR code-based mobile program that offers users an augmented reality experience that will encourage users to visit the social media properties and website for the…

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Best Buy UK makes a significant move into m-commerce

Best Buy Mobile Campaign

Best Buy UK has announced that it is taking its first major step into the world of mobile commerce with the launch of its new transactional website which has been optimized for use with mobile devices in the hopes of driving sales from their users. According to the chain, it is the first specialist electronics retailer to make this move and it hopes that the performance of the mobile website will help the company to take a significant piece in the highly competitive consumer electronics marketplace. The company anticipates that…

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