QR code error overcrowds ANA plane, bringing transport ministry warning

plane airline mobile technology qr code error

All Nippon Airways Co found itself in hot water after nearly taking off with a seat-less passenger. All Nippon Airways has received a serious warning following a QR code error. A mistaken misuse of a quick response code allowed too many people to board a plane. Even with too many people aboard, the plane pushed back for takeoff with the extra passenger standing in the aisle. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism issued a severe warning to the airline. The incident occurred when a QR code error was…

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Japan Airlines adopts NFC-enabled boarding passes to better serve consumers

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has announced that it will be launching a new NFC-based service that will help consumers board planes faster. The airline has partnered with mobile operations company KDDI in order to create NFC-enabled boarding passes. Japan Airlines is not the first to adopt this type of boarding pass. Last year, Scandinavian Airlines began experimenting with similar boarding passes they called Smart Pass. Now, the Japanese company is looking to expound on this idea and make it popular with travelers. The Smart Passes will be able to track travelers wherever…

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Alaska Airlines customers now have enhanced mobile experience when they travel

Mobile Travel App

Customers traveling with Alaska Airlines can now use an iPhone app to check-in to their flights, access boarding passes, and obtain other useful information related to their travel experience. The features offered by this app gives customers a way to access some of their most vital travel information in a highly convenient way. The airline explained that it feels that one of the most important options offered by this app is the ability for travelers to check in using their smartphones, obtain access to their boarding passes, receive text or…

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