SIX QR codes will replace inpayment slips by 2018

SIX qr codes

The quick response codes have been approved by the board of directors for two years from now. The SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd board of directors gave its approval for SIX QR codes to be used instead of inpayment slips. The intention is to have all the paper slip barcodes replaced by the quick response codes by mid 2018. The QR code was already going to be used by the company but this will greatly broaden its use. The purpose is to keep up with the market needs, the progress of…

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MasterCard launches new application focused on QR Codes

qr codes payments

Quick response codes could help boost mobile commerce Quick response codes have long been a powerful marketing and consumer engagement tool. As the codes become more popular, their use in mobile commerce is beginning to grow. MasterCard, which has a relatively strong interest in mobile commerce, has taken aim at QR codes, hoping to make them more attractive and suitable for mobile ventures. MasterCard has launched a new application called QkR, available for iOS and Android devices. The application is capable of scanning any quick response code that a user…

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QR codes are working their way into fashion

QR codes necktie ties

QR code neckties could represent a new form of mobile marketing instead of business cards. A company called QR Tie is taking the barcodes in the form of QR codes into a new direction by working them directly into men’s neckties that would allow a person’s fashions to link directly to information stored online. The ties come in a number of different styles and allow the wearer to decide when the barcode is visible. Among the styles that are available for the ties featuring QR codes is The Charlie, which…

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QR codes provide considerable food supply chain possibilities

sushi qr codes

These barcodes are being used to an increasing degree by restaurants and grocery stores. At a growing level, QR codes are being used by the food service and sale industries in order to help consumers to become more aware of the various stages of the supply chain in which their products have traveled. Edible quick response barcodes have made tech and marketing headlines from sushi restaurants. When scanned through the use of smartphones, these QR codes can provide consumers with information about the origin of the ingredients in their dish…

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QR codes added to electromagnetic flow meters

qr code authenticity checks - qr code under magnifying glass

The IZMAG from GEA Diessel now features smartphone friendly barcodes to be scanned. GEA Diessel has just announced that it has launched new QR codes that will be affixed to its electromagnetic flow meters in order to be able to ensure a faster and easier access to useful information for anyone carrying a smartphone or tablet device. The IZMAG electromagnetic flow meters from the companies now have quick response codes. By adding the QR codes to the electromagnetic flow meters, it means that customers of GEA Diessel will be able…

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QR codes are engaging retail consumers

tombstones museum qr codes appearance

Companies are discovering that their customers are enjoying an enriched experience through barcode scans. The black and white squares that make up QR codes have been called everything from ugly to funky and from vital to useless, but if there is one thing for certain, data is consistently revealing that consumers are scanning on an increasing basis. Retailers are finding that when they apply the barcodes properly, it can enhance the experience they provide. This is because the retailers can take advantage of the fact that consumers are now recognizing…

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QR codes based market thrives in China

QR Codes vs NFC

A shopping experience that involves scanning barcodes to make a purchases has taken off. The first QR code store in the Zhejiang province of China’s capital, Hangzhou, is proving to be an extremely profitable and popular experience, as consumers flock to shop in this unique shop. The items in the store each have their own unique barcode that allows them to be purchased. Each of the physical store’s display items has its own unique QR codes that consumers can scan so that they can order the products and then pay…

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QR codes featured on police cruisers in Monroe, Ohio

police car qr codes example

The vehicles will now have barcodes that can be scanned by residents who wish to connect with police. The Monroe Police Department in Ohio has now become the first one in the southwestern part of the state to add QR codes to their cruisers, says an announcement that was made by Lieutenant Brian Curlis. The barcodes are being used to help to provide smartphone carrying residents with an easy way to obtain information. Furthermore, according to Lt. Curlis, by scanning the QR codes, residents can also report crimes, making the…

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QR codes on tombstones make their mark on Memorial Day

QR Codes Grave Stones

The smartphone scannable barcodes make it easier to remember those who have died. Memorial Day gives us a time to remember those who have lost their lives while serving in the armed forces in order to preserve everything that we hold dear, and now technology, by way of QR codes, is providing a new opportunity to remember those individuals with greater detail than what a grave marker can offer. A growing trend is including these barcodes on gravestones to help visitors to learn more about who is buried there. Traditional…

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QR codes could play an important role in stopping fraud

Example of QR Codes On Wine

These mobile friendly barcodes are ideal for helping to reduce the spread of counterfeit products. A counterfeit expert has explained that using unique QR codes on the packaging for alcoholic beverages is now helping to reduce the spread of counterfeit products and false claims. These barcodes allow consumers to be able to verify claims about products while still in store. KPMG’s Geert de Vries, from the risk services unit, has explained that using QR codes can provide far greater benefit than using special ink or holograms, which he calls “relatively…

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Layar blends augmented reality with QR codes

Smartphone scanning QR codes

Layar introduces update to augmented reality application Layar is a leading name when it comes to augmented reality. The company’s Layar App is used by tens of thousands of people all over the world to engage in interactive digital content and Layar has helped many of the world’s largest companies integrate augmented reality into their marketing campaigns. This week, Layar introduced a new update to its popular mobile application, which equipped the app with the unexpected capability to scan QR codes. Layar has no intention of killing QR codes QR…

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