4 Trends That Continue to Define Mobile App Advertising

mobile app marketing trends

Mobile users today have literally millions of apps available from which to choose. This means app marketers are facing a two-fold challenge: Make users aware of the existence of their app in a crowded marketplace and convey the unique value it can provide users before a competitor manages to do the same. Where there’s fierce competition, there’s innovation. The mobile app advertising industry is no exception here; savvy marketers are harnessing emerging technology to drive high-quality installs that lead to further engagement. Here are four trends that continue to define…

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Mobile push notifications are surprisingly effective

mobile ad revenues trends texting push notifications

Businesses looking to boost customer engagement may need to alter their smartphone advertising. Mobile push notifications may not have nearly the reputation they deserve. At the moment, brands are facing a near crisis in app engagement. In order to help address this issue, many companies are attempting to return lapsed users to engagement via many means. Among those methods are push notifications. A major barrier to success has been that mobile device owners will stop using apps over time. They may love the application when they first download it but…

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Mobile marketing for apps continues its costly trend

Mobile Marketing cost

Smartphone application developers are finding that it is increasingly expensive to advertise their products. A new report has been issued by Fisksu, the mobile marketing firm, which has revealed that inflation is continuing to cause a large amount of grief for app developers who are finding the cost of advertising their applications is only becoming more expensive as time goes by. This rise in the price of each new download is becoming problematic for many app developers. The Fiksu mobile marketing report showed that when compared to the cost of…

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Mobile app marketing was more expensive in April

Mobile App development

Following a two month decline in that expense for developers, they were suddenly forking over more for their ads. April brought about an increase in mobile app marketing costs after developers were able to take advantage of a decline that had continued for two consecutive months, according to a Fisku report. That mobile marketing firm showed that acquiring new users became more expensive in April. The Fiksu monthly report suggested that last month saw the end of a massive surge of mobile app marketing spending that had been experienced in…

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Mobile marketing professionals generate list of 7 B2B marketing techniques


According to Forrester Research, spending on B2B mobile marketing is set to quadruple between now and 2014, so experts have compiled a list of 7 ways to take advantage of this technique to maximize its potential. The study by Forrester Research showed that in 2009, spending on B2B mobile marketing had been about $26 million. That said, the same research has predicted that it will be worth $106 million five years afterward. In order to take advantage of this technique experts have said that the following 7 B2B marketing strategies…

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