FierceBiotech IT tests mobile technology with senior pharma, biotech, and IT leaders


FierceBiotech IT has been updating pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IT leaders on the ways in which technology is moving forward, and that includes the use of mobile for the shaping of clinical research and trials. Mobile developers are already starting to make ground with some of the large drug making companies (and their deep pockets), as they come up with new devices and apps that help to streamline the various processes for product development, marketing and advertising, and sales. The mobile industry is starting to believe that there is a significant place…

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App searches to become simplified

Mobile apps payments

When apps first started becoming popular, there weren’t enough of them to worry about the state of the marketplace and its overall search-ability, but as smartphones and tablets have become much more commonplace, app-related search engines have become far too messy to continue as they are in 2012. The mobile world has become a chaotic battle for developers to try to have their apps discovered, even when device users are seeking those apps specifically. The stores and search engines for apps are finally now beginning the improvements to their support…

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New mobile app privacy guidelines released for comment by the Mobile Marketing Association

Mobile App Builder

The head trade association for the mobile industry worldwide, the Mobile Marketing Association, has announced that it has released a document called the “MMA Mobile Application Privacy Policy” , for public comment. It contains the first-ever set of guidelines for the basic data processes and privacy issues pertaining to mobile apps. According to Greg Stuart, the CEO of MMA Global, the guidelines issued by the organization for public comment will address an urgent requirement for all businesses that are active in the mobile marketing industry. They are meant to offer…

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Dell widens its mobile efforts to include Android

Dell tablet Mobile

Dell Inc., the computer manufacturer, has unveiled a new mobile commerce strategy that includes an app that will function for both shopping and support so that its customers can locate the products they want, and the company can widen its mobile presence. Mobile device users can obtain the Dell Mobile App by using any Android web browser and entering: Alternately, the app can also be obtained at the Google Android Market, where it can be downloaded for free. According to the Dell director of global mobile, Brandon McGee, from…

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Google provides developers with prep data for Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Ice Cream Sandwich

Google has released data to help developers to prepare for the upcoming launch of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) so that apps can be properly readied for the latest Android developments. Google’s official Android developer website’s lead tech writer, Scott Main, wrote in a blog post that the ICS design is meant for running on any screen size from smartphones to tablets with larger screens. That said, apps that have been created to run under Android 3.0 Honeycomb are designed to be “forward compatible”, which means that they will also be…

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