Mobile advertising market has most click-through success with tablets

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A recent study revealed that larger screen device owners are picking up in their interaction with ads. According to a study published by Furion Analytics Research and Consulting LLP, the mobile advertising market is growing quickly through tablet users. In fact, the report predicted a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 25 percent from 2014 through 2020. The mobile ad marketplace is already generating over $21 billion in annual revenue worldwide. As mobile phone and tablet shipments are set to reach almost 600 million annually by the end of…

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Mobile ads that encourage app installs grow in revenues

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That said, the success of this form of advertising is not as great as what some forecasts had predicted. A new estimate has been issued by eMarketer that has shown that mobile ads for the install of apps have been rising in both their use and performance over the last couple of years, but their revenues are not meeting the expectations of the assumptions of many firms. These mobile advertisements are run on the news feeds of Facebook and Twitter, among other places. Among the other areas where this type…

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InMobi data shows 50 percent growth in three months for North America mobile advertising market

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The world’s biggest independent mobile ad network, InMobi, has issued its Quarterly Mobile Insights Report: North American Edition, which covered data from July to September 2011 and showed that the region had experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the mobile advertising marketplace. In fact, the InMobi report showed that there was an increase of an enormous 50 percent in that period of only 90 days. InMobi has now achieved almost 27 billion impressions per quarter within the North American region alone. Though it suggested that the top North American…

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Google directs AdSense toward mobile web, halting AdMob in that market


Due to the crossover that was bound to occur between AdSense and AdMob in terms of their offerings to the mobile advertising marketplace, Google will be pushing AdSense to publishers as it withdraws AdMob support from mobile. Experts are anticipating a number of cuts and integrations of features to both platforms. It first purchased AdMob in 2009 for $750 million, in a direct attempt to capitalize on the mobile advertising market. This form of advertising, but on the mobile web and with apps, is a natural complement to the search…

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