Apple mobile ad outtakes with Cookie Monster bring big laughs

cookie monster mobile ad

Though the Sesame Street Muppet wasn’t exactly calm in the commercial, the bloopers were even more dramatic. Back in March, Apple released its mobile ad commercial for the iPhone 6 which starred the popular Cookie Monster from Sesame Street which went viral across several social media platforms. The tech giant has since released the outtakes for that commercial and they’ve been amusing and enchanting. Cookie Monster has a special way of tapping into the nostalgia of consumers and despite the impatience he showed during the initial mobile ad, the bloopers…

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66 percent of mobile ad spend is focused on video

mobile ads spending marketing

A recent study has shown that this type of media has become a main focus in smartphone advertising. The results of a new study that have been released by AppLovin and AppsFlyer has shown that a considerable percentage of mobile ad budget has been focused on video, which has already been a growing focus in overall online advertising, regardless of the channel. The study has shown that video is producing a growing amount of revenue and it boosts customer retention. Throughout this year, each quarter has seen an increase in…

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Mobile ad for porn displayed in children’s app

mobile technology kids children

The advertisement was shown on the screen of the Talking Tom Android application for kids as young as 5 years. Regulators are currently investigating a situation involving a highly inappropriate mobile ad placement, in which a port site’s sexually explicit advertisements appeared on the screen in a children’s game app. The game that displayed the banner ad was meant for kids as young as five years old, called Talking Tom. The mobile ad was for a company called The banner advertisement featured a picture of several naked women who…

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Mobile ad spending will reach $100 billion next year

sms marketing Mobile user acquisition costs

This represents a tremendous growth in worldwide smartphone based advertising budgets. A new report that has been released by eMarketer has revealed that marketers around the world will have broken the $100 billion global mobile ad spend mark by the close of next year. This spending level will represent an increase of about 400 percent over the figure from 2013. The report went on to say that from 2016 through 2019, there will likely be yet another mobile ad spend doubling, bringing it to almost $200 billion. eMarketer also stated…

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Mobile ad product innovation at Yahoo sees new high profile faces

yahoo mobile app

The CEO of the company, Marissa Mayer, is not slowing down her efforts to shake things up. Yahoo made a considerable splash in 2014 when it made its acquisition of the mobile ad network and notable analytics company, Flurry, last year, and it is now working to ensure that it gets the very most out of the talent that it also managed to bring in through the purchase of that firm. There have been several reports that there has been a new senior vice president of ad products named at…

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Best Buy uses a geo-targeted mobile promotion to bring more consumers through its doors

Best Buy Geotargeting

Best Buy has been running a new form of geo-targeted ad within the iPhone app by Pandora, to help users to locate the nearest store. According to a mobile marketing consultant from Boston named Wilson Kerr, “Delivering a mobile call to action when a consumer is close to a location is very smart.” Kerr said that consumers with mobile devices who are traveling near one of the store’s locations are more capable of acting on one of these messages and heading to a store where they can make a purchase.…

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Report shows that spending is stagnating for mobile advertising

Mobile Advertising

A Relevancy Group report has shown that businesses are currently hesitating to pour more money into a mobile advertising campaign. The research performed in order to create the report indicated that the low return on investment (ROI) and dwindling customer engagement are leading marketers and ecommerce solutions away from making larger and more continued investments into advertising through mobile commerce. Among the participants in the study, 43 percent claimed that they did not intend to boost their spending on mobile ads within the next year as a result of a…

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Android leads the way as mobile connections soar

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

According to a number of market reports, Google’s Android is leading the way to bring consumers online using mobile devices, but Apple’s iOS maintains its status at the top in the ad department. Smartphones are rapidly replacing feature phones, while tablets and other devices are being used to connect to the internet virtually everywhere. As a result, marketers are beginning to place a significant amount of their attention on how and when consumers are making these internet connections. Among the predictions currently being made, Gartner has forecasted that global mobile…

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Rovio partners with Madhouse for greater migration of Angry Birds

Angry Birds App

Maker of the tremendously popular mobile game Angry Birds, Rovio, has recently announced that it will be partnering with the Shanghai-based major ad network, Madhouse, in order to bring the app to China. This is the next step in Helsinki-based Rovio’s goal to achieve one billion downloads for the game. So far, the game has been downloaded over 300 million times. The move to China will also help the company to reduce its concern over the pirating of the app in that country. The announcement of the partnership was made…

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Experts discuss experimentation and persistence as primary elements for mobile ad success

Mobile Marketing News

Mobile marketers are responding to the rapid growth of mobile advertising by seeking the secrets to its successes and, so far, what they have determined is that experimentation and persistence are vital. As the ad technique is still quite new, it is difficult for even the most successful mobile advertisers to identify precisely what made their successes and to define the steps to replicate those achievements in future efforts. Therefore, at the very basic level, they are proclaiming two rules that can lead to positive results, which are to keep…

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