Mobile marketing takes a third of online ad spending

mobile marketing spending worldwide

The research has shown that Google holds a massive amount of the smartphone targeted space. eMarketer has just released the results of its first ever worldwide mobile marketing industry profile and has revealed that it estimates its size to have already reached $16 billion globally. The research determined that this channel is taking up a growing portion of the overall online ad market. Among its results, it also found that within the mobile marketing ecosystem, Google has a massive hold of over 55 percent. Considering that the research determined that…

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M-commerce moves forward into the desktop ad spending share

mobile commerce trends

Advertising dollars to target smartphone carrying customers are taking a growing proportion of overall online spending. According to the latest statistics and forecasts from emarketer, m-commerce ad spending is continuing to chip away at the budgets that are being set aside for all online advertising, including desktops. The research has suggested that spending for desktop banners may reach its peak in 2014. The increase in spending for m-commerce channels has, at the same time, started to eat away at the amount of money that is invested into desktop ad formats.…

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Mobile commerce and search are headed in the right direction

Mobile Commerce News

After observing data over the last consecutive quarters, it is clear that money will be directed to smartphone shopping. Following the release of data from The Search Agency, the report on the topic suggests that there will be an increase in mobile commerce spending as retail and search experience a considerable push over that channel. The study showed that there has been strong growth in every sector throughout this year’s first quarter. The data that was released in the report indicated that, year over year, the mobile commerce spending for…

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Mobile marketing study provides new mcommerce recommendations

Mobile Marketing ROI

Research indicates that 7 percent of total ad spending should be geared toward smartphones and tablets. A mobile marketing study performed by a consultancy firm, Marketing Evolution, has now released its recommendations based on the research regarding the efficacy of advertising spending, indicating that companies interested in mcommerce in the United States should be forking over a great deal more for ads on tablets and smartphones. According to the research, companies should be using 7 percent of their total ad spending for this purpose. Though this may not seem like…

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Google sends the mobile ad marketplace beyond the forecasts of the industry

Mobile Advertising trends

The mobile advertising marketplace in the United States is currently in a state of explosion, and is growing much more rapidly than even the highest projections that had been made by the industry’s analysts. Google mobile search is currently receiving a great deal of the credit for the advertising business that reached all new heights last year and this year is already lining up to leave 2011’s figures in the dust. The recent surge in the ownership of smartphones and the omnipresence of the mobile ad networks – such as…

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