Mobibucks takes step toward cash-free future

Mobile Payments market trends

Mobibucks, a company based in Louisville, Kentucky, has announced that it believes that its technology will play an important role in the upcoming trend toward cashless payments made with a mobile phone.   The Mobibucks technology allows a shopper to use his or her smartphone for making payments at physical brick-and-mortar stores using nothing more than a mobile number and a PIN.   As of yet, members of Mobibucks can’t yet use this technology in order to pay for the products they want to buy using their American bank accounts.  So far,…

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The future of doing business is here now!

Technology has unleashed the future, and the future is mobile. Not just mobile phones, movies and music, but mobile marketing, advertising and sales. Now, thanks to Mobibucks, whose headquarters are in California, there are also mobile payments. Mobibucks is a leading, global provider of digital payment technology. This free, secure, and fast virtual payment platform utilizes a device that more than two billion people all ready own; a mobile phone. This new platform will allow banks to provide customers and merchants, the ability to make and receive digital payments.  The…

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