QR code patent between Microsoft and Neomedia draws more attention to the barcodes

QR Codes Scanning Statistics

This could also mean the end to the Microsoft Tag in mcommerce, once and for all. Just as Apple prepares to unveil its own Passbook QR code based service, it appears as though Microsoft has also focused its attention on mcommerce barcodes, with the help of Neomedia. That latter company has just announced that it has granted worldwide rights to license its patent portfolio. Among those to benefit from the 74 QR code patents that are contained within Neomedia, is Microsoft. The financial details of the deal between the two…

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Jones Soda Sponsors Mrs. Washington with Personalized QR Code Label For Mrs. America Pageant

Jones Soda is supporting Jessica Riggs

Seattle, WA based Jones Soda is supporting Jessica Riggs, Mrs. Washington 2012, with a personalized label with her photo and QR Code. Jessica’s soda was created for her Mrs. America Pageant gift basket she will give to her 50 sash sisters in Tucson, AZ on August 29th. While on her summer Pacific Northwest “health and wellness” press tour, the mother of two is also giving her interactive digital bottles to journalists. The QR Code was created through the Microsoft TAG site and currently links to Mrs. Washington’s “About Me” landing…

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YouTubers Featured On Product Packaging Daily Via QR Code

QR Code marketing campaign for Raw Foods International

Is product packaging with QR Codes the new media distribution network? During the months of April and August, several thousand YouTubers participate in a semi-annual online event called: VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April/August). Raw Foods International, a Miami based manufacturer of natural fruit and vegetable juice blends, is featuring a new VEDA video on their Mango Guarana QR Code everyday in August. Distributed in 42 states and Canada, consumers that scan the QR Code with their smartphone will see something fresh whether they are in the grocery store or…

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Competitrack report shows QR codes’ rise to stardom in 2011

QR Codes shopping for men

Competitrack, a full service advertising tracking firm, has released a new report concerning the performance of QR codes in 2011. Last year, QR codes exploded in popularity, appealing to a multitude of companies looking to connect with consumers with smart phones and other mobile devices. Though the codes had been around for years in Asian markets, they were still very new in the West, where consumers had little experience with such technology. Competitrack’s report suggests that that unfamiliarity is rapidly evaporating. The firm analyzed some 7,300 advertisements using datamatrix barcodes,…

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Research from Scanbuy shows American marketers increasing awareness and adoption rates for QR codes

QR Codes shopping for men

Scanbuy, Inc., the company that developed the mobile barcode platform called ScanLife, has released the findings from their quantitative research that demonstrated the sizeable adoption rate and awareness of QR codes and other two dimensional barcodes among American marketers throughout a broad spectrum of industries. Respondents included over 100 marketers that represented businesses both large and small from industries ranging from retail to healthcare, and entertainment. It indicated that half of all key decision makers have already implemented QR codes as an element of their marketing strategies, and that an…

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Research from Scanbuy shows awareness and adoption of QR codes solid among American marketers

Mobile Marketing

A recent study performed by Scanbuy, Inc. – the creator of the mobile barcode platform, Scanlife – has shown that marketers in the United States are very aware of two dimensional barcodes and they are adopting this technology quite solidly among many industries. The study included the participation of over 100 marketers from businesses ranging from small to quite large, and within industries such as retail, healthcare, and entertainment. Its results showed that half of the key decision makers are already using the technology as an element of their overall…

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Scanbuy study shows majority of marketers to adopt QR codes in the near future

QR Code Statistics

The viability of QR codes in a changing market that is becoming more focused on mobility is much debated amongst marketers and companies looking to catch the attention of tech-savvy consumers. Scanbuy, a leading mobile barcode company, has released a new study concerning the matter. The study notes that, despite the rampant unfamiliarity of the codes amongst consumers, businesses are taking a keen interest in QR codes. Indeed, the codes are becoming so popular in the marketing world that the majority of advertisers may be using them in some way…

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Microsoft celebrates one year anniversary of the Kinect with a pop-up café in Hong Kong

Microsoft Kinect

In Hong Kong, Microsoft is celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of its popular Kinect device for the Xbox 360. The Kinect has become a widely used peripheral for the console and has garnered a major following in the technology community. The device makes use of sophisticated motion-tracking technologies that allow gamers to immerse themselves in games by using their body to control various aspects of their gameplay. Beyond the gaming industry, the Kinect has grown popular with augmented reality developers. Microsoft has opened a pop-up café on…

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QR codes and NFC to be supported by Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag qr codes

Microsoft has announced that its mobile barcode service, Microsoft Tag, will be supporting near field communication (NFC) and QR code technologies. The software giant is hoping that by adding these additional capabilities to its Tag mobile barcode service, it will be able to reduce or even eliminate the current confusion that consumers have regarding the different types of mobile barcodes that are currently available. According to the general manager of Microsoft Tag, Aaron Getz, Microsoft Tag is offering support for the two most common types of two dimensional mobile barcode…

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Magazines are finding greater use of QR codes

QR Codes

Meredith Corp has announced that it will be joining the growing trend for magazine use of two dimensional barcodes, by adding Microsoft Tag as a standard advertising tool in its range of magazines. The company has already been using the barcodes in its publications such as Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, and Family Circle, and its figures show that among the readers who scan the tag, between 10 and 20 percent will either view or use the ad in some way. That said, the actual number of individuals who…

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New 2D barcode sweepstakes record set by SHAPE Magazine

Microsoft Tag

Top women’s active lifestyle magazine, SHAPE, has announced the massive success of its mobile sweepstakes that used 2D barcodes… such as QR codes, and Microsoft Tags – which broke previous records of the use of the technology, with almost 400,000 scans. The sweepstakes was detailed in the November issue of the magazine in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the brand. The campaign was created by the mobile marketing company called Nellymoser, and involved an interactive sweepstakes that gave the magazine’s readers the chance to win one of nearly 1000…

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