QR code patent between Microsoft and Neomedia draws more attention to the barcodes

QR Codes Scanning Statistics

This could also mean the end to the Microsoft Tag in mcommerce, once and for all. Just as Apple prepares to unveil its own Passbook QR code based service, it appears as though Microsoft has also focused its attention on mcommerce barcodes, with the help of Neomedia. That latter company has just announced that it has granted worldwide rights to license its patent portfolio. Among those to benefit from the 74 QR code patents that are contained within Neomedia, is Microsoft. The financial details of the deal between the two…

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Microsoft QR code sheet used to gather feedback from students

Augmented Reality Mobile Learning

Pupils in Bangalore help a research team in India develop a new mobile barcode system. A Microsoft Research India team in Bangalore has worked with students and has now come up with a QR code system that uses webcams and sheets of paper displaying the barcodes, in order to identify, gather, and analyze the multiple choice responses of the pupils . This technology is meant to be an innovative new way to ask students for feedback. It can help to poll a classroom to either ask the pupils for their…

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Action needs to be taken to save the QR code

qr code

QR codes may be widely recognized in the mobile marketing world as having a tremendous amount of potential – the majority of which hasn’t even been identified yet – but at the same time, the future of these two dimensional barcodes is becoming shaky, and it may only continue to decline unless the right action is taken to rescue them. Over the last few years, QR codes have made some headway into popularity, including the use by large corporations such as Google, which is highly involved in mobile. However, the…

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Microsoft celebrates one year anniversary of the Kinect with a pop-up café in Hong Kong

Microsoft Kinect

In Hong Kong, Microsoft is celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of its popular Kinect device for the Xbox 360. The Kinect has become a widely used peripheral for the console and has garnered a major following in the technology community. The device makes use of sophisticated motion-tracking technologies that allow gamers to immerse themselves in games by using their body to control various aspects of their gameplay. Beyond the gaming industry, the Kinect has grown popular with augmented reality developers. Microsoft has opened a pop-up café on…

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QR codes and NFC to be supported by Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag qr codes

Microsoft has announced that its mobile barcode service, Microsoft Tag, will be supporting near field communication (NFC) and QR code technologies. The software giant is hoping that by adding these additional capabilities to its Tag mobile barcode service, it will be able to reduce or even eliminate the current confusion that consumers have regarding the different types of mobile barcodes that are currently available. According to the general manager of Microsoft Tag, Aaron Getz, Microsoft Tag is offering support for the two most common types of two dimensional mobile barcode…

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