Microsoft Surface Pro 3 throws down the gauntlet with the MacBook Air

This tablet has been created not only to boost the tech giant’s presence in the mobile market, but also replace laptops. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is now available on store shelves and at a price of $799, it’s clear that the manufacturer is hoping that it will be able to offer an option that will be direct competition to the MacBook Air that is currently being sold by Apple. It is also the first very large attempt that Microsoft is making in the effort to replace laptop computers. This…

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Mobile technology news brings the end of an era with Microsoft Mobile

Nokia 808 PureView mobile technology news

Nokia smartphones will be changing their names once the acquisition of the device business is closed. Microsoft will soon be concluding the mobile technology news of the deal to acquire the Devices and Services division at Nokia (not including the HERE mapping services), and in doing so, it will be changing the name of the company and the devices that it produces. The venture’s new name is going to become Microsoft Mobile Oy, bringing an end to the Nokia label on handsets. This mobile technology news was revealed in the…

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