Avanade introduces new augmented reality system for the retail industry

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, NFC technology, and the Kinect may be a big hit with consumers Avanade, a business technology developer, has taken note of the changing retail landscape. Consumers are becoming busier, or at least less accommodating of wait times, as they become more enthralled with technology, especially that of the mobile variety. Wait times have long been an issue that the retail sector has had to deal with. While many consumers are willing to wait to purchase products, excessive waiting can actually drive consumers away. Avanada believes that an adequate…

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Augmented reality glasses and Microsoft

Augmented Reality glasses

Augmented reality glasses may be in the works from Microsoft Two recent job postings from Microsoft suggest that the famed technology company is beginning to bolster its ranks for the development of a next generation technology based on the Kinect platform. This technology is rumored to be the company’s take on augmented reality glasses. Augmented reality glasses are growing in popularity amongst consumers and businesses. Much of the attention such products have been getting recently comes from Google’s Project Glass, which thrust the concept of high-tech eyewear into the limelight.…

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Tobii shows off new augmented reality TV

Augmented Reality Vision

Tobii develops augmented reality TV controlled by a users eyes Tobii, a Swedish technology firm, showed off what could be the next generation of televisions at the recent IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany. The trade show often showcases the latest technologies that are emerging in numerous industries, such as entertainment and media. Tobii has taken eye-tracking, augmented reality technology and incorporated it into a new kind of television, called Tobii Gaze TV. The TV can be controlled through a series of eye movements that are tracked by standalone sensors.…

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Augmented reality campaign from V Energy shows off high-tech music video

mobile commerce

V Motion Project takes off in New Zealand V Energy has launched a new marketing campaign dubbed The V Motion Project. The campaign is quite different from conventional marketing in that it utilizes augmented reality. The first installment of the campaign took place on the streets of Auckland, New Zealand, where a music video was filmed. Like other music videos, this one makes use of dynamic imagery for the sake of stimulation. Unlike other music videos, however, its soundtrack is created through the use of augmented reality and motion capture.…

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DIY augmented reality wins a date with Hatsune Miku

Augmented reality- Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku the subject of new DIY augmented reality system Hatsune Miku is one of Japan’s most popular pop idols. The singer has managed to garner international acclaim, but not for her vocal abilities. Rather, the singer has become popular because of the fact that she is completely computerized. Because of her virtual status, Hatsune Miku has become a popular subject in the realm of do-it-yourself augmented reality. One intrepid DIY’er has taken it upon himself to create an augmented reality system through which he can take Hatsune Miku on…

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